DJI Zenmuse Z30

Zenmuse Z30- New DJI Camera with x30 Zoom!

DJI on Monday launched the Zenmuse Z30, its most-powerful integrated aerial zoom camera, unlocking new possibilities for industrial applications. The world’s leading aerial-imaging company said...
Drone wallpapers for mobile

Drone Wallpapers For Your Mobile Phone Free

A lot of hobbyists making their own wallpapers. Car enthusiasts are making car wallpapers, computer gamers have their own backgrounds but I failed to...

Brushless Gimbal or Digital Image Stabilization?

What is the difference between digital image stabilization and gimbal? Good question! because today David Tolsky will be walking you through all pros and...
Drone show screen

Hula Hoop Drone Show- Technological Art

Hula Hoop Drone Show is something new in the industry. We have already seen shows when large amount of drones with LED lights flying...
DJI mavic recovery

Mavic Epic Survival and DJI made Casey Neistat style video

Today our blog format will be a little bit different. We got not only one but two hot topics: DJI Mavic and Casey Neistat....
DJI and Tesla

Flying DJI Drone through the Tesla model X!

Here we got two of the most technologically advanced products of the year.  Both are leaders in their own industry: Tesla in making electric...
spend money on drones

How Do We Spend Money on Drones?

As you already understand already understand we will be talking about spendings on a hobby. In fact every hobby will be the same. No...
Hover Camera drone

Hover Camera Drone is Finally Here!

The Hover camera showed up in the beginning of this year and made a big impression within the drone industry. There were a lot...
Foldable drone

YING Drone- More Foldable Drones Please!

Before talking about YING drone let's take a look at the UAV industry first. As you could see for last two years, making drones...





OSMO Mobile Review & Cinematic Shots

OSMO mobile is the latest handheld gimbal from DJI. Which allows you to use your mobile phone camera to create silky smooth footage. Everything started...
Gopro Karma vs Phantom

GoPro Karma vs Phantom 2


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