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Technology thrills with its ever-changing landscape, but the “land” part doesn’t have a monopoly. Drones are in the air and in the news — constantly. The numbers and uses for unmanned aerial vehicles are multiplying exponentially, and keeping up with drone developments is our focus at WeTalkUAV.

On this page, you’ll find the latest drone news. Airborne pizza delivery, stunning photography, and firefighting assistance — all brought to you by drones — already have made headlines around the world, and there’s more UAV news to come as both hobbyists and the business sector discover more innovative uses for these high-flying wonders.

The Federal Aviation Administration — a newsmaker itself after launching online registration for drones — estimates that drone purchases for personal and commercial use will grow from 2.5 million in 2016 to 7 million in 2020. As the industry booms, we are committed to becoming the trusted source for impartial drone news, as well as comprehensive and unbiased reviews. Visitors to this page will get up-to-date drone news about product developments, regulations and how UAVs are being utilized.

Drones can supply important images to first responders after disasters, aid farmers in identifying planting failures, monitor animal populations, and more. As the applications grow and manufacturers incorporate new technologies into their products, count on WeTalkUAV to present the latest drone news.

Phantom 4 Pro Camera settings

Phantom 4 Pro Camera Settings Tutorial

As in any kind of art, drone photography and videography takes a lot of time to master. You have to shoot and shoot over...

New DJI Phantom / Mavic Hybrid Drone?

Have you ever wondered what a DJI Phantom looks like when it is equipped with the portability of a DJI Mavic? Well, a user named...
Dummies getting hit by drones

Impact Test! Crash Dummies Getting Hit by Drones

Researchers at Virginia Tech started testing how the drones crash into the dummies head. Yes, dummies getting hit by drones for a good reason....
Phantom 4 discontinued production

DJI Has Discontinued Phantom 4 Production

According to suasnews.com DJI has terminated the production of the iconic Phantom 4. This was probably the shortest lifespan of all the DJI products....

Pilot Arrested After Flying Drone Close to the Passenger Jet

Recently, this video went viral all over internet in China. The pilot was flying drone close to the passenger jet. Not only was he...
Vs vs FPV

VR vs FPV -Which Drone Headset is Best for You?

Racing Quads= FPV. Consumer Drones= VR FPV or VR headset is what you need if you are looking to experience some immersive views with your...
NASA testing Phantom

Why is NASA testing Phantom drone?

NASA’s supercomputers are used to study next-generation aircraft aerodynamics. Now they can be key to improve current drone efficiency. What? NASA testing Phantom? It certainly...
DJI discontinued Phantom 3

DJI Discontinued Phantom 3 Series Production

According to the official website DJI discontinued Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 3 Advanced  and Phantom 3 4K production. Basically all Phantom 3 models except Standard have been...
White balance

Setting up White Balance on Your Drone – What it’s All About

White balance is one of the forgotten features of your drone camera. Every digital camera and even your smartphone has a white balance settings....
lily drone

Lily Drone Owes Customers $34 000 000 Now! And it’s dead.

According to many reports Lily Drone scam is finally over. -Why scam? -Because it's been 3 years and they never deliver a final product...




Video Latency

Video Latency Test: Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2

It wasn’t that long ago that word on the street suggested that some drones have zero latency video transmission. Even some drone companies at...