There will be a black version of the new Spark drone


Last couple of days drone community has been filled with tons of leaks of a new DJI Spark drone. A lot of drone hobbyists were very interested in this tiny UAV and there was a lot of speculation going on. We Talk UAV has even created a list of 20 things you should know about new Spark drone.  That was yesterday, but today is a new day and that means we have a new leaks for you!

DJI’s new Spark drone will come in 2 colors: Black and White

DJI Spark DJI Spark

The frame of the DJI Spark will be made of single piece of solid plastic.DJI SparkDJI spark

It will not have double camera as we guessed in the previous post. Still don’t understand why the camera is not centred.

Spark droneThat’s all the info we have up until today. Want to know more?

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