Yuneec is a drone manufacturer that is well known for it’s Q500, Typhoon H and Breeze drones.  According to multiple sources Yuneec is laying off 50-70% of their employees. However it is an unofficial number and Yuneec has not confirmed that yet, but most likely this is going to happen.

Mavic is smaller than Breeze and smarter than Typhoon H

Back in 2015 Yuneec received $60M investment from Intel, and just in 2 years they’ve managed to burn it all. Apparently products didn’t sell that well due to the multiple quality issues reports, and simply because the DJI released few new products on top of the Phantom 4 that was a Typhoon killer already.  Of course it was not easy for them to compete and make enough money to support all the employees they’ve hired.

yuneec typhoon h crash

Now Yuneec has joined the list of the drone companies that laid off their staff last 6 months.  Here is the list of shrinking drone companies:

Zero Tech

Simply saying all the drone companies except DJI has been cutting jobs lately. Is this the end of the drone industry boom?

Stay tuned to find out in our future articles.

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