Gall, Carlotta, and Eric Schmitt (July 15, 2008). Captain Matthew Myer, the Chosen Few company commander who was the senior American officer … Alone and losing blood, Pitts radioed Myer to inform him that everyone at the OP was dead or gone. Jaffe, Greg (October 5, 2009). In June 2010, General Campbell revoked the officers' reprimands, citing that they would have a "chilling effect" on ground operations. Meanwhile, McKaig had maneuvered to the main base for ammunition. Said Brostrom, "After I read the report, I was sick to my stomach. He was seriously wounded and fought alone until reinforcements arrived. Sights are set on the 50-yard target because the rifleman is shooting at you, yet the 1000-yard target is a tank that has your position zeroed in. In fact, other factors could have led to the disaster there.On the morning of 13 July 2008, 49 Americans, including 40 paratroopers from Captain Matthew Myer's Chosen Few Company of … At the same time, the report noted the incredible performance of the unit under fire. Pitts immediately received shrapnel from a grenade explosion in both legs and his left arm. Courtesy of the NEFA Foundation, ABC News aired a video of the battle from the perspective of the Taliban. Although the Americans believed that 100 or 200 attacked the base, a senior Afghan defense ministry official who did not reveal his name told Al Jazeera that he had information it was between 400 and 500 fighters. He further stated that the position was "not overrun in any shape, manner, or form", adding that, "It was close combat to be sure — hand grenade range."[37]. While the other Soldiers attempted to secure the OP’s perimeter despite their injuries, Pitts crawled to Garcia and comforted him, holding his hand as his condition worsened, and accepting the responsibility of carrying his last words to his family. [9] Several investigations were launched into events leading up to the battle. Nine U.S. soldiers would make the ultimate sacrifice alongside another 31 U.S. and Afghan troops who were injured. Matthew Phillips who threw a grenade before he was mortally wounded. The initial investigation was completed in August 2008. The OP and VPB Kahler-main were secured. Pitts earned his on July 13, 2008, in what came to be known as the Battle of Wanat. So you're right, attrition-wise the battle … The Truth Behind The Battle of Wanat Perhaps you have heard about the outrageous move by the U.S. Army to hand out official letters of reprimand to the three Army officers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team involved in the Battle of Wanat in Afghanistan in 2008. Jonathan Ayers, Spc. Jason Bogar, Sgt. In this paper, a battle analysis review will highlight the circumstances surrounding the battle, and the operational and intelligence failures attributed to the losses in life. But the Army seems positively determined not to study the Wanat incident. In Wanat Video we saw from the U.S. perspective what the Battle of Wanat looked like, especially from the air. To some, Wanat represents the continuation of past mistakes; more dead soldiers with jammed rifles, of … Some press accounts have placed blame for M4 carbine malfunctions at the Battle of Wanat, Afghanistan, squarely on the weapon's manufacturer. Battle of Wanat - Aftermath - U.S. Army Investigation U.S. Army Investigation An investigation by the U.S. Army, completed on August 13 and released to the public the first week of November 2008, found that the Taliban attackers had been assisted by the Afghan local police,(A.L.P. [3] After the militants retreated, mop up operations followed, and the Taliban withdrew from the town. As the remaining paratroopers at OP Topside fought for their lives, enemy forces inflicted major damage to the main base, destroying the TOW system and injuring the personnel manning the 120mm mortar firing pit, and setting both positions ablaze. Pitts later learned that Stafford and Gobble attempted to call-out for survivors in the OP. Jason Bogar fired hundreds of rounds from his automatic weapon until the barrel of his weapon became white-hot and jammed and then tended to Stafford’s wounds. film Film made by reporters embedded into a similar observation post in the Korengal Valley. [3], In July 2009, U.S. Senator James Webb asked the U.S. DoD Inspector General to formally examine the battle and the U.S. Army's investigation into the event. Jonathan R. Ayers, Cpl. While they thought it was possible the base might be attacked while the camp was being prepared, they thought it unlikely. Upset over Campbell's decision, family members of those killed in action wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Army asking that the findings of Natonski's investigation be upheld and the reprimands reinstated. In discussions about the suitability of the M4 rifle for combat, the Battle of Wanat comes up quite a lot. [8] In contrast to previous roadside bombs and haphazard attacks and ambushes, this attack was well coordinated with fighters from many insurgent and terrorist groups with an effort that was disciplined and sustained which was able to target key assets such as the TOW launcher with precision. The day before the attack, the "Spin Giris", (Influential,tribal elders), of Wanat conducted a Jirga, (Elder Community Council-Experienced male members of the Quam have a right to attend), without the post's Officer-in-Charge. The study focuses on the July 13, 2008, battle in Afghanistan's … That can now be said. The Taliban briefly breached the wire of the observation post before being driven back. [3], The investigation also examined whether the Army had intelligence about a possible assault and whether the troops had access to it. The insurgents had infiltrated Wanat and set up firing positions and weapons caches in the town’s bazaar, hotel complex, homes, and mosque. Bernton, Hal, and Cheryl Phillips (July 31, 2009). At approximately 4:45 a.m., 1st Lt. Jonathan P. Brostrom and Spc. The Truth Behind The Battle of Wanat Perhaps you have heard about the outrageous move by the U.S. Army to hand out official letters of reprimand to the three Army officers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team involved in the Battle of Wanat in Afghanistan in 2008. The nine-member team at OP Topside served as the company commander’s eyes and ears. In June 2010, the U.S. Army revoked the reprimands. Jacob Sones – maneuvered to reinforce OP Topside. Before they could complete the request, at approximately 4:20 a.m., they heard a burst of machine-gun fire coming from the direction of a two-story building to the north. But those who paid that price and their brothers in arms who fought along side of them deserve to know that their deeds will be remembered and that the hard fought victory at the Battle of Wanat … The Battle of Wanat The Taliban recognized that the U.S. outpost at Wanat is located at a very critical location. The story of the three versions of the battle for Wanat is a good place to begin. But it was still in enemy territory. An ISAF statement says ISAF and Afghan security forces "will continue to perform regular patrols near the village of Wanat. The team comprised of paratroopers from Chosen Company, 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment; Army engineers; Marine Corps Embedded Training Team mentors; Afghan National Army soldiers; Apache and medevac helicopter crews, and other support personnel, fought hard for their brothers-in-arms when 200 AAF attacked the fledgling base in July 2008. Not exactly what I expected. Michael Denton, and Spc. New York Times bestselling author Mark Bowden has had a prolific career as one of America's leading journalists and nonfiction writers. Myer attempted to control the battle from the center of the vehicle patrol base, desperate to get additional firepower to support the paratroopers at OP Topside. [11][24], Nine U.S. soldiers were killed in the attack,[25] mainly in the observation post. His new collection, The Three Battles of Wanat and Other True Stories, features the best of his long-form pieces on war as well as notable profiles, sports reporting, and essays on culture. Well the time has come to change that story and change it 180 degrees. The Battle of Wanat occurred on July 13, 2008, when about 200 Taliban and al-Qaeda guerrillas attacked NATO troops near Quam, in the Waygal district in Afghanistan's far eastern province of Nuristan. Jason M. Bogar, 1st Lt. Jonathan P. Brostrom, Sgt. Finally reinforcements arrive, and the tide of battle turns. Currently Wanat is the most popular battle to be virtually toured and studied by ROTC training.
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