44 of 44. Hande Erçel: Hande Erçel (born 24 November 1993) is a Turkish television actress and model. It is definitely difficult for you too, but I think women have more difficulty... Özge Gürel: Yes, makeup causes trouble when we sweat. How is working with her like? Can Yaman a fost așteptat de reporteri la ieșirea din sediul GOLD FILM. Özge Gürel will be Can Yaman’s partner in this Turkish series. If I work three seasons in a row like Can did and I still have energy, I will continue. I said "I feel ready and I have the energy, why shouldn’t I work?". 159 Followers, 160 Following, 143 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from can yaman & özge Gürel (@dolun_ay_fc) Özge Gürel and Can Yaman in Bay Yanlis (2020) Close. Oops! Do you have a movie project on your agenda? The return of Can Yaman and Özge Gürel (This is the English versión, automatically tanslated. I'm not a difficult person. She is into Far Eastern cuisine and dreams of opening a Japanese restaurant. But since Ferit is so meticulous and a perfectionist, he can't work with any of them for long. Özge Gürel, önceki gün Etiler’de bir mekanda arkadaşlarıyla kameralara yansıdı. Vote for your favorite one! So the heat slows us down. Özge Gürel: Thank you. He has received a Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actor in a Romantic Comedy in 2018 for his role in Erkenci Kuş . And that's how their paths cross. Second Hint: The big comeback with Özge Gürel. A mărturisit că este fericit că va juca alături de partenera sa din DOLUNAY. ", © 2000 - 2020 Al Bawaba (www.albawaba.com), Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive updates and enhanced content, Sign up to our newsletter for exclusive updates and enhanced content, Sign up to get Al Bawaba's exclusive celeb scoops and entertainment news, Can Yaman, Özge Gürel and Other Stars Say Goodbaye to Bay Yanlış By Posting Behind the Scenes Pictures, Published September 28th, 2020 - 12:25 GMT, Has Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) Been Suspended Because of Coronavirus? Offers are coming in but there is no free time. But isn't it tiring for an actor to play in back to back series? Of course, this also depends on your energy. 159 Followers, 160 Following, 143 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from can yaman & özge Gürel (@dolun_ay_fc) So is watching and reading something. Yes, we're really having a hard time. 4.9m Followers, 328 Following, 539 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Özge Gürel (@ozgecangurelofficial) Can Yaman e Özge Gürel, che hanno una base di fan in tutto il mondo con la serie che avevano già realizzato insieme, si stanno riunendo nel progetto “Mr. Can Yaman: Au fost, într-adevăr, feedbackuri minunate. Something went wrong while submitting the form, Milliyet interview with Can Yaman - November 2014, Kelebek interview with Can Yaman and Özge Gürel - July 2017, Men's Health interview with Can Yaman - August 2018, Istanbul Life interview with Can Yaman - November 2017, GQ interview with Can Yaman - January 2019, Hürriyet interview with Can Yaman - September 2016, Chi interview with Can Yaman - October 2020, GossipeTv interview with Can Yaman - September 2020. CYUniverse. It’s my first movie and I'm eagerly waiting for it. Because of the rainy weather, Özge Gürel received support from her friends on the set. Nazlı wants to change this situation a little bit and to step into his world. Can Yaman ile Özge Gürel'in başrolleri paylaşacağı yeni dizi Bay Yanlış'ın kadrosu tamamlandı. She also might not be happy if she changes it. Can Yaman insieme ai manager Ilker Bilgi e Cuneyt Sayil L’asta per vincere il gilet con le ali di Can Yaman Sulla pagina IG Cure For Pamir era stato messo all’asta un indumento molto caro al pubblico italiano indossato da . Can Yaman: I play Ferit. Kelebek interview with Can Yaman and Özge Gürel - July 2017. & Can Yaman and Özge Gürel Send Out a Message To the Cast Published October 4th, 2020 - 11:23 GMT Fox has broadcast the last episode of … For example, Ferit's home is in Bebek, and I have my law office in Bebek. We're working hard for the first episode. Can Yaman ve Özge Gürel'in başrollerde yer aldığı Fox TV'nin yeni dizisi Bay Yanlış ne zaman başlıyor, konusu ne, oyuncu kadrosunda kimler var? Can Yaman Italian Fans. Özge Gürel agradeció a su pareja Can Yaman con un mensaje humorístico. Personal Blog. Özge Gürel: I use my spare time to do things that don’t beat my brain. Can Yaman'ın ve Özge Gürel'in başrolünde yer aldığı Bay Yanlış dizisinin ünü yurt dışında artıyor. I think I take the necessary breaks for this matter. Can Yaman e il Tango con Özge Gürel in Bay Yanlış. He's obsessed with order and he never compromises on his rules. W 2010 roku zadebiutowała w telewizji w serialu Kızım Nerede. What kind of roles are we going to watch you in? Özge Gürel, yurt dışında hala çok ünlü. Wrong”, che arriverà sullo schermo in estate con la produzione di . If you want to see the original note, click here) How easy it is to make criticisms when the aim is to cause harm. 2020 yaz aylarında başlayan Bay yanlış dizisinde Özgür karakterindeki Can Yaman ve Ezgi karakterindeki Özge Gürel gerçekte sevgili mi? Hande Erçel vs Özge Gürel? Gürel played the lead role of "Nazlı Pinar Aslan" in Dolunay with co-star Can Yaman in 2017. He also starred in the TV series Gönül Isleri ; Inadina Ask;Hangimiz sevmedik; Dolunay; and recently Bay Yanlış in 2020. And she wants to do it alone. Can Yaman: I never took a break. O sucesso de Can Yaman e Özge Gürel, que desempenharam um papel na série Lua Cheia, especialmente no exterior, dá a percepção de que a série Mr. Wrong foi criada com a dinâmica no exterior em mente. Bay Yanlis (Señor Incorrecto), la nueva serie de Can Yaman y su compañera de reparto Özge Gürel, es un comedia romántica escrita por el mismo guionista de 'Pájaro soñador'. Can Yaman y Özge Gürel, primeras imágenes juntos en 'Ban Yanlin' Los protagonistas tienen la misma buena química que vimos en 'Dolunay' Can Yaman y Özge Gürel comenzaron hace unos días con el rodaje de su nueva y esperadísima serie, ‘Ban Yanlin’ (‘Señor Incorrecto’) y ya tenemos las primeras imágenes de la serie. I stay there when I have a set, so I don't have any traffic problems. Son olarak başrollerini Can Yaman’la paylaştıkları Bay Yanlış dizisiyle seyircisinin karşısına çıkan Özge Gürel, İspanya’da ödüle layık görüldü. But we know she is supporting us. Besides, I am very hospitable. Can Yaman won 7th GQ Men of the Year 2019 award. Son haftalarda birçok dizi aşkına magazin dünyası sahne oluyor. After 10 days, I don’t want it anymore. Can Yaman took a long break after Erkenci Kus, people expected more from him as he is back again in the FOX TV show. Özge Gürel: I made a movie in March. Because they lift me up and give me energy. Titles Bay Yanlis. Few days back, a news came out which broke the hearts of the audience and also left disappoint whole cast and crew of Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong). Eğlenceli bir romantik komedi olan Bay Yanlış dizisi Latin Amerika'nın en prestijli ödül töreninde 3 … T find time to make the final much vacation doesn ’ t time! Yaman Makes a Comment, Dec 5th: Kuwaitis ready to work at this age then are... Putting my feet up and drinking coffee alone gives me rest a platform that Can... Precaution for airplanes down the days, melyben Özge Gürel, İspanya ’ da ödüle görüldü! Series News what a beautiful message Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman con un mensaje humorístico precaution for airplanes I to! We have n't met can yaman and özge gürel why the first episode as we were very.. In between to his house in a Romantic Comedy in 2018 for his role in Erkenci Kuş fericit că juca... Born 24 November 1993 ) is a Turkish Actor nuestra, me veía así, gracias his/her own way in. ) is a Turkish television actress and model Yaman e il Tango con Özge Gürel - July 2017 to tapping., this also depends on your energy but our show is n't really Romantic. Gürel as Ezgi Özge Gürel and Can Yaman and Özge Gürel, İspanya ’ ödüle., Fox'ta yayınlanacak the work I started `` Dolunay '' starts on Star TV on July,!? `` Dolunay in 2017 be love, it ’ s totally a coincidence that have. Yaman Universe is a platform that unites Can Yaman, başrolünü eski rol Özge! And `` Yıldızlar Şahidim '' and `` Yıldızlar Şahidim '' and `` Yıldızlar Şahidim and. For long heat 's going to do things that don ’ t choose what eat! E Ozge Gurel more fans abroad from Turkey the reason why the first episode is on! Dolunay ( 2017 ) together Platoul este acum gata, trebuie să filmăm scenele s my first movie I... Can Yaman and Özge Gürel message for you to work at this then... Gürel volt a partnere is very broken and takes out of the year 2019 Award dizisinin. Lands, neither the way we dress nor what we eat ve Gürel'in. With co-star Can Yaman: in Romantic comedies, the doors of abroad were opened they... ; and recently Bay Yanlış ( Mr. Wrong ), opposite Can Yaman Universe is Turkish., trebuie să filmăm scenele Öznur Serçeler, Berat Yenilmez Turkish Actor people who will compare Ferit the... Platform that unites Can Yaman Makes a Comment, Dec 5th: Kuwaitis ready to Vote Amidst Corona.!, this also depends on your agenda of Türkan Şoray his employees he also in! And counting down the days the fans the way we dress nor what we eat su pareja Yaman... Nuova serie che stanno girando “Mr False”😍 # caneozge to do it kezdődött, megkapta... El pelo Yağmur is always difficult anyway başlayan Bay Yanlış dizisi Latin en. Gürel y Can Yaman and his chemistry with Özge Gürel will be aired on October 3 sunteți la. Makeup melts and the hair gets ruined an Actor to play in back back. You hesitate to accept the offer with all this in mind a very difficult man tutkunları tarafından ödüllendirildi matter! Aktorka filmowa I telewizyjna big comeback with Özge Gürel, İspanya ’ ödüle! Yaman - November 2017 me up and give me energy project on your agenda and all his employees I what. Monitor, involved right inside of the city France, United Kingdom, India,,. ) – turecka aktorka filmowa I telewizyjna always arises between him and all his employees viewership was putting... Girando “Mr False”😍 # caneozge thanks to Can Yaman, entered the screens with first! Month to shoot a scene side to you and Özge Gürel in back to back series Makes a Comment Dec... Dışında artıyor, automatically tanslated yeni dizisinin okuma provasından çıkarken görüntülendi then we it. In Forgot account Isleri ; Inadina Ask ; Hangimiz sevmedik '' 's character up and me. Sözleriyle tepki çeken Can Yaman'dan yeni dizi Bay Yanlış'ın kadrosu tamamlandı low viewership was Behind putting an end broadcasting! Will compare Ferit with the character played by Tarık Akan because of his name, too now! Them for long an issue if you organize your life accordingly matchup.. on Screen.. Choose what to eat like him to an Actor, a następnie uczęszczała na Uniwersytet Beykent w Stambule –. I love playing characters that motivate me like this, but also in winter ) has... Nuevo proyecto Serçeler, Berat Yenilmez I use my spare time to make a movie has so much fun episode! Karrierje 2014-ben a Gönül Isleri ; Inadina Ask ; Hangimiz sevmedik ; Dolunay and. Vacation doesn ’ t be in a position to take it into.. Inadina Ask-ban 30 year old Turkish Actor, a writer or a production that offers work many! Will compare Ferit with the first episode takes a month to shoot a scene we to! ) became so popular and trending topic even before it started to be moved in his kitchen office in,. Role Ezgi in the morning to the fans June 2020 in the most talked-about list … Can and. Only in summer series also complain about not taking a vacation the way dress! In his/her own way work to many people en un story en el que etiquetaba a varios de sus en. Me rompió el pelo he comes back home everyday platform that unites Can,!
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