Free Shipping. is owned and operated by Thirty Four Stores Ltd Company Registration No. It's this attention to detail that sets us apart and means that you can trust us to deliver a high quality product to you that is made to last. Hubby went off to a doctor's appointment, and I had the hen house assembled by the time he got back, half an hour later. Our chicken coops will look great out in the country or in the suburbs. A healthy hen will usually lay 1 egg per day, but this can vary depending on seasonality, feed and other factors. At That Chicken Coop, we have a wide variety of coops and runs for any budget. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Thank you so much and thank you for all the additional information you sent about keeping chickens which is really useful.”. All chicken coops can be shipped to you at home. We have chicken coops on wheels that come with a large run and chicken coops without a run. The add-on run gives your hens 11 square feet of secure outdoor space. Yes, chicken coops can be returned and have a 180-Day return period. No discount code or voucher code required to avail the discount, order now. Our experts are here to help, we can point you in the right direction. So easy to put together I could have done it myself which is really saying something. Also light to move. We already had the hens who had been living for 6 weeks in an ark. Backed up by our famous support and customer service. For everything you need to know about keeping chickens, download our extremely valuable FREE guide: You've probably seen cheap similar looking chicken coops for sale on eBay and Amazon. Low Cost Chicken Coops & Runs for 3 / 4 Hens The Kent Budget Chicken Coop. Their solid galvanized metal frames, Oxford-welded hexagonal wire mesh walls, and durable weather-resistant covers are constructed to last for years and offer you peace of mind for the safety of your animals in the outdoor environment. This one-litre bottle, when added to your hen's drinker water, is enough to make up 200 litres and is a very cost-effective way to ensure that your hens remain in top health. It was so simple to assemble, with easy to understand instructions. The older one which we have had for a year still looks as good as the newer one and there is no sign of any deterioration to the wood or roof. Our legendary guide contains 59+ pages of genuinely valuable info shared from our own family chicken keeping experiences. Registered in England - Vat No 141093934. Browse the best collection of coops online now! The directions were so easy to follow and the quality of the coop is outstanding. It is a very affordable way to ensure your hen's immune systems are kept nice and strong, which in turn helps them fight off any nasty diseases and bacterial infections. Also, we’ve designed optional bolt-on runs for each of our coops so that you can give your chickens a safe place to move around (see below for single run and double run setups). The runs are great as can be left unattached and have lots of doors for access. You can get a basic coop for four hens for about $150. Buy Now Details; Noah's Ark* £199.99. These include the following postcodes: DD , DG , EH , FK1-15 , G , KA1-26 , KA29-30 , KY , ML , PA1-19 , PH1-9 , TD. * Working days are: Monday to Friday (and don't include public holidays or weekends). 25%. Many, many thanks. Whether you build your coop in the sun or in the shade, you absolutely need to insulate your chicken coop. You will need to maintain the coops, a coat of bird-friendly wood preservative each year will extend the life of the coop. If you have recently joined the hundreds of homeowners who have opened up their gardens (and hearts) to hens, then you will undoubtedly need a high-quality chicken coop or chicken house to give your new pets a cosy, comfortable and loving home to live in. Inside our handy Health and Hygiene Kit, you are going to find: Regular cleaning of your coop is something you have to do. If you live outside these areas we then, unfortunately, cannot deliver our products to you. You can also easily extend the run by adding a 2nd or 3rd one onto it at a later stage. Add To Cart. What's great about it and we love it so much is that it cleans and disinfectants areas in one application. This chicken coop is the perfect product to offer protection to your pets while offering them the freedom of fresh air. To produce great eggs your chickens need to be kept happy and healthy. We believe fully built and ready to use chicken coops are the best for our customers. The Devon Coop and Runs are lovely, as described and I think a really good price. High quality large chicken coops and runs A non-insulated coop will fry your chickens in the summer, and freeze them in the winter. CC1000R Chicken Coop* £289.99. The assembly was well documented and very easy to assemble. Copyright © 2020 Thirty Four Stores Ltd. All rights Reserved. Your chicken coop will be prefabricated or pre-built. Barrier Red Mite Powder is a natural and non-toxic powder that can be safely applied to your birds and coop and provides protection for up to 6 weeks with just one application. This setup is perfect for areas where space is at a premium but you still want to give your hens a secure area to move around. It is a pleasure to deal with such a competent company. Ideally they need as much freedom to move as possible so it’s best if you let them out during the day, either free roaming, in a run or in a pen. Your order will be processed safe and securely - 100% guaranteed. The official coupons page of Chicken Coops Direct is a place that you can’t miss for it usually lists all the hottest promotional codes, coupons, and deals. Would definitely order from ChickenCoopsDirect again.”, “The Sussex Coop is excellent quality and easy to build. Australian Beginners Guide to Chicken Coops - Part 1: Cleaning Your Chicken Coop. We specialise in quality chicken coops and runs, Strong & durable heavy duty pre-treated timber, Thicker 1.5mm fox-proof wire (50% thicker than our competitors), Robust higher quality fixtures & fittings to keep your hens secure, Supplied direct to you from Dorset UK, cutting out the middleman. For a good coop for 8-10 hens expect to pay about $400. Lots of other companies could do well to follow your example. From small backyard coops with runs, to chicken coops on wheels, and even large hen houses that hold up to 100 chickens, we're your one stop shop for all your backyard chicken needs! You probably haven’t stumbled across the website … Would definitely order from Chicken Coops Direct again. All of the product pages have large photos and detailed specifications for the coops, including exact measurements. Our mid-capacity coop houses up to 6 hens and is the easiest to keep clean thanks to it's fully opening roof and easy-open front panel. More Information from Chicken Coops Direct. At over 4 meters long and with over 40 sq feet of space the Dorset With Double Run is the ideal unit for those wanting to keep chickens in a self-contained setup while giving them plenty of safe space to scratch about in. Loads of useful information given on chickens too. Orders can be delivered anywhere in mainland England, Wales and most areas in the lowlands of Scotland. “I received my Sussex coop with double runs today, just as stated. The South City Coop. Cider Apple Vinegar: between 5ml and 10ml per 1lt of drinking water twice a week. Many of our loyal customers recommend us to friends. Natural Direct is the source for fine local foods. Well designed, sturdy chicken coops at low factory direct prices.
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