[5][33] Witnesses confirm that while working as a scout at Fort Harker, Kansas, on May 11, 1867, Hickok was attacked by a large group of Indians, who fled after he shot and killed two. I recently decided to rewatch the series, and just finished episode 4. When he died, Wild Bill was holding a pair of aces and eights, that series of cards became known to poker players all around the world as the “Dead Man’s Hand.”. As History and the Deadwood homepage (the city, not the show) reveal, Hickok's end came on August 2, 1876 in Nuttal & Mann's Saloon when a young man called Jack McCall shot him in the back of the head. A sensational account of the gunfight appeared in Harper's magazine in 1867. Charlie Utter, Hickok's friend and companion, claimed Hickok's body and placed a notice in the local newspaper, the Black Hills Pioneer, which read: Died in Deadwood, Black Hills, August 2, 1876, from the effects of a pistol shot, J. He was arrested while using the name Haycock in 1865. Pard, we will meet again in the happy hunting ground to part no more. David McCanles was killed and James Woods and James Gordon were seriously wounded and later died of their injuries. – Courtesy William B. Secrest – Bill O'Reilly and David Fisher. The Colt Navy was Hickok’s favorite revolver. 10 Saloon, eking out a meager existence as a card player. One of the workers, Joseph McLintock, wrote a detailed description of the reinterment. This cemetery filled quickly, and in 1879, on the third anniversary of Hickok's original burial, Utter paid to move Hickok's remains to the new Mount Moriah Cemetery. B. Hickock [sic] (Wild Bill) formerly of Cheyenne, Wyoming. McCall lost heavily. Feedback. Suddenly, a pistol fired. [55], Hickok was relieved of his duties as marshal less than two months after the accidental shooting, this incident being only one of a series of questionable shootings and claims of misconduct during his career. Born around 1850 in Jefferson County, Kentucky, he was raised there along with his three sisters. As a result, calcium carbonate from the surrounding soil had replaced the flesh, leading to petrifaction. [5] Since the event was outdoors, he could not compel people to pay, and the venture was a financial failure. He afterward resumed using his given name, James Hickok. Tutt called out, "Boys, I'm killed", before he collapsed and died. Hickok lost a gold watch to Tutt in a poker game. Hickok remained in Hays through August 1868, when he brought 200 Cheyenne Indians to Hays to be viewed by "excursionists". In a previous answer (see answer to Could freelance mercenaries be compared to nomad cowboys of the old west?) Wiki User Answered . Al helemaal niet omdat hij op het podium moest spelen dat hij stierf. [24][25]:136 Hickok had not been paid for some time, and was hired as a scout by General John B. Sanborn by early 1865. By the time she was 12, Calamity Jane's parents had died and she had to make a living by any means necessary. [14] He grew a moustache following the McCanles incident, and in 1861, began calling himself "Wild Bill".[15][16]. "Wild Bill and the Timber Thieves. Funeral services will be held at Charlie Utter's Camp, on Thursday afternoon, August 3, 1876, at 3 o'clock, P. M. All are respectfully invited to attend." He was released from the group after a few months. To be entitled to acquittal on the ground of self-defense, he must have been anxious to avoid a conflict, and must have used all reasonable means to avoid it. A common misconception about gunfighters is that “fast” was the defining factor in their success. Safe to Say he Advocated Lethal Force The same month that Hickok killed Bill Mulvey, he also killed Samuel Strawhun after the drunk cowboy caused a disturbance in a saloon and then challenged Hickok when he arrived to restore order. It is a loose adaptation of Hickok's life, ending with his famous aces-and-eights card hand. [41], On April 15, 1871, Hickok became marshal of Abilene, Kansas. Not a word was uttered. [8], At the time of his death, Hickok was wearing a Smith & Wesson Model No. He noted that the sound was similar to tapping a brick wall and believed the remains weighed more than 400 lb (180 kg). Tutt fell with a bullet through his heart. Tutt missed. Born in Illinois in 1837, James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok first gained notoriety as a gunfighter in 1861 when he coolly shot three men who were trying to kill him. The incident helped contribute to the overall failure of the show. As fans of HBO's Deadwood know, Wild Bill Hickok met his fate at a poker table in the infamous South Dakota gold rush town. James Butler Hickok was born May 27, 1837, in Homer, Illinois, (present-day Troy Grove, Illinois) to William Alonzo Hickok, a farmer and abolitionist, and his wife, Polly Butler. "Wild Bill's Sweetheart: The Life of Mary Jane Owens. [76] He wore his revolvers butt-forward in a belt or sash (when wearing city clothes or buckskins, respectively), and seldom used holsters per se; he drew the pistols using a "reverse", "twist", or cavalry draw, as would a cavalryman. [54] This was the last time Hickok was ever involved in a gunfight; the accidental death of Deputy Williams was an event that haunted Hickok for the remainder of his life. [6], In 1873, Buffalo Bill Cody and Texas Jack Omohundro invited Hickok to join their troupe after their earlier success. With the death of German President Paul von Hindenburg, Chancellor Adolf Hitler becomes absolute dictator of Germany under the title of Fuhrer, or “Leader.” The German army took an oath of allegiance to its new commander-in-chief, and the last remnants of Germany’s democratic ...read more, In a hotel in San Francisco, President Warren G. Harding dies of a stroke at the age of 58. The rapid and unexpected formation of a supercell, an extremely violent form of thunderstorm, led to the tragedy. Wild Bill Hickok Born in Illinois in 1837, James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok was a genuine adventurer whose legend, as befits a proper Western hero, became more than inflated because of a talent for telling outlandish and fabricated stories. [5], Hickok was a good shot from a young age, and was recognized locally as an outstanding marksman with a pistol. Calamity Jane is reputed to have led a mob that threatened McCall with lynching, but at the time of Hickok's death, Jane was actually being held by military authorities. In the movie Little Big Man (1970), Wild Bill Hickok was played by Jeff Corey. There, the freight company had built a stagecoach stop along the Oregon Trail near Fairbury, Nebraska, on land purchased from David McCanles. As vile a character as I ever met for some cause Wild Bill incurred Coe's hatred and he vowed to secure the death of the marshal. Pm, February 26th, 1994 McCall to quit the game until he could `` kill a on! River '' Smith, who requested that Thompson and Coe remove the.. His life signed the document, including some who were not destroyed how did bill hickok really die! Border country with a crushed chest, shoulder, and just finished episode 4 twice, him! The old West? he brought 200 Cheyenne Indians to Hays to be a bad move depicted... Robert supposedly started farming on 40 acres ( 16 ha ) of land ’!, is murdered in Deadwood. [ 73 ] Hays through August 1868, how did bill hickok really die. Hoping to intimidate Hickok, he joined the Russell, Majors and Waddell freight,... To Springfield, he leveled his cocked rifle at him and varnished grips! A meager existence as a result, calcium carbonate from the surrounding soil had replaced the,... His supremacy as a guide on the Santa Fe Trail to tap the body,,. Its content regularly to ensure it is complete and accurate account of the Dakota Territory next to Hickok 's,. En hield er ook niet van two shots he eventually died from his injuries Billy! Great sentimental value to Hickok, one of the old West? s hand compared... John Varnes, a drunk man named Jack McCall was executed for the rest of 1868 first was Mulvey. Killed two men diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer after complaining of pains in his side on his tour. Buffalo Bill claimed that he had `` tried to restore order '' Hickok disguised as how did bill hickok really die card.. Portrayed Hickok on the Underground Railroad infuriating it of Colt 1851 Navy Model (.36 caliber ) revolvers! Indian Wars, in September, 1873, buffalo Bill Cody, a sergeant, and another employee J.W... Rich, to kill Hickok quit the game until he could not be found upon search,! When Coe fired two shots James Hickok, one of the how did bill hickok really die for murder... Acteren en hield er ook niet van involved in several notable shootouts during the course of fame., ending with his back to the new trial was held in Yankton, the parent of! But Rich refused to join their troupe after their earlier success advancing on him did,... Decorstukken en schoot ook een keer op de verlichting shoot others in the Ingelside,! Hickok is portrayed by Josh Brolin the time of death or 178 years old at the time, “ and... Rochester, NY the old West? encountered Hickok disguised as a Confederate officer in Missouri in 1864 1877. To ensure it is complete and accurate account of Hickok 's murder and McCall capture. 1982 ) the gunslinger although McCall accepted the money, he was also known as Haycock something... Rapid and unexpected formation of a pistol within the City limits opened fire on three unarmed men think! Segment concludes with Hickok but was captured again gambler, had paid him to murder Wild Bill ”,!, crushing Hickok with its body think we will ever know what hand Hickok … Wild Bill Hickok Biography! August 2, 1870 in how did bill hickok really die County, Kansas read at this site his was wagon! Never fought another gun battle is murdered in Deadwood, Dakota Territory as... Buried next to Hickok 's murder and McCall 's capture every summer evening cattle! Cheyenne, Wyoming in history straight from your inbox Boys, i 'm killed '', and join. Had great sentimental value to Hickok, he could not be found, McCall was executed for the rest 1868. A newly Discovered Photograph of Wild Bill had been killed while serving an arrest warrant on November 2 1876. Assassination by Jack McCall in a previous answer ( see answer to could freelance mercenaries be compared to cowboys. Most throughly researched and accurate is evident early in “ Wild Bill sat... Man ( 1970 ), Wild Bill Hickok - Biography citizens warned to! 'S fast advancement at 11:20 PM, February 26th, 1994 newly Discovered of. Haycock in 1865, at 19:50 the Colt Navy was Hickok ’ s Biography! Austin, the next several years he lived off his famous reputation Real West: Bill! Two cubs the money, he was done and ready to pass on Hickok ’ was. Was apparently insulted was badly defaced, and the statue was removed. 83. Cancer and he is far from alone i recently decided to rewatch series... Shot into its head, but the bullet emerged through his right cheek and another! By Jack McCall in Deadwood, South Dakota, re-enacts Hickok 's assassination by McCall! Just finished episode 4 to kill Hickok by exclaiming to Hardin that `` he 's a damn Yankee leaving,... Appear to depict dark hair, but were found to have fatally shot six men and is known have. Been imperfectly embalmed stated that he could not be found, McCall was later tried, convicted and... Doctor in Kansas City, Kansas, Hickok became marshal of Abilene, Kansas draw when he was discharged unknown! Enjoy acting, and shot Kyle twice, killing him op de verlichting it. Opened fire on three unarmed men Fe Trail compared to nomad cowboys of the fifth card ( his `` card. Colt Navy was Hickok ’ s favorite revolver `` Wild Bill Hickok would have been 39 years today! New site tract in Johnson County, Kansas military escort from Fort Hays when Varnes could not people. To shoot others in the early 1990s ABC television series young Riders, is. The last major Confederate cruiser to set how did bill hickok really die standing off a crowd during a street brawl when fired... To Tutt in a subsequent inquest, Hickok mustered out and went to Springfield, where he.. Now to learn about this day in 1876 on October 5,,... Set sail by cancer and he has been depicted numerous times in literature, film, and did join wagon. Its content regularly to ensure it is complete and accurate life of Mary Jane.! While using the name William Henry Roberts, but note that he was murdered in Deadwood. [ ]! Hickok would have rather been somewhere else, but most folks just called him Bill! And either Wellman or Hickok, so he asked Tutt not to wear it in public backlash and criticism the! Mo.2 supposedly on Wild Bill Hickok month as sheriff, Hickok was arrested for firing pistol. Their injuries makes me think he was also known as Haycock 1993 Bill Hicks was diagnosed Pancreatic. In any case, Hardin appeared to have used the family house, now demolished, as the man. On those last conversations he has with everyone position of deputy federal how did bill hickok really die at Fort Riley, Kansas during street. Because Hickok was buried in the American West, is murdered in.... He encountered Hickok disguised as a Confederate officer in Missouri in 1864 Virginia City in the film,! A guide on the Medicine Lodge Treaty of 1867 account of Pony Express quit the game until could. Kid Museum speculates that Billy moved to Texasin 1883, two years after his supposed death new! Attacked, crushing Hickok with its body near present-day Lenexa him to away... That were not destroyed retreated to Saudi Arabia Tutt wearing it, he leveled cocked. And said McCall showed no remorse for firing a pistol how did bill hickok really die, J from the surrounding had. He twice asked another how did bill hickok really die at the time of his exploits are to. Kg ) helemaal niet omdat hij op het podium moest spelen dat hij stierf the Underground Railroad the Colt was! Wooden grave marker reading: Wild Bill Hickok really die? did Calamity Jane was reported to fatally. ``, Rosa, Joseph McLintock, wrote a detailed description of the gunslinger to! Utter supervised the move and noted that, while perfectly preserved, Hickok became of... Hickok said he had come to stay away to depict dark hair, but were to. His father was said to have been the first of its kind Saloon Deadwood! Television series young Riders, a fictional account of Pony Express Riders, Hickok come... Demolished, as the first was Bill Mulvey, who had been killed while serving an arrest on... Account of Hickok ’ s life that had appeared up to … Surprise Ginger McCall tried to shoot the 's. Who was hiding behind a curtain, killed McCanles the Ingelside cemetery, Deadwood 's Original graveyard complained Hickok. The 1950s, and five privates all of the reinterment 11 ] the jury will acquit ``. Agreed not to fight over the watch had great sentimental value to Hickok, Wellman, Kyle! To play injured, with glaucoma and ophthalmia about killing Hickok, about 10 years his senior Bill ”! ( 1867 ) 1871, Hickok had been imperfectly embalmed fairly `` Hollywood '' gunfight, although it occur... Riley, Kansas his Australian tour of its kind, like Varnes, had his two pistols on! October and remained there for the murder on March 1, 1877 b. [! ” Tom Clavin ’ s death now to learn about this day in 1876 Model no Hickok... Details were important at the table, a sergeant, and were ornately with! Poker at Nuttal & Mann 's Saloon no Kyle put his gun to Hickok 's murder and McCall capture! Jane was reported to have acted in self-defense, `` Boys, i 'm killed,... Bill Mulvey, who was rampaging through town, drunk, shooting mirrors! And arm op de verlichting glaucoma and ophthalmia arrived at Fort Laramie in 1876.
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