The acclimatisation process begins with gradual exposure, eventually moving to full-fledged morning runs in full battle gear, the running is essential for a soldier to survive in Siachen since at such high altitudes the human heart beats at an accelerated pace so a daily run helps in increasing the soldiers lungs capacity to sparse more oxygen, and this increased sparsing of oxygen is the difference between … Indian Soldiers have to go through immense mental and physical conditioning to become expert mountain warriors. How to survive & fight in Siachen. In Siachen if you are exposed to nature for more than four hours without taking adequate precautions, chances of survival are slim. In such situations, they only have kerosene stoves to keep themselves warm. It is the longest glacier in the Karakoram Range, running 78 km long and the second largest in the world. Respect to my beloved Armed Forces! I vividly remember during one of the interaction Brig (then Col) Pushkar Chand Deputy Commandant HAWS telling us how he and his team set out to accomplish the assigned task to occupy Siachen Glacier (Saltoro Ridge) in 1984. Zee News is the highly popular Hindi News channel of India’s largest television network ZMCL. Now, he was the army chief. He had this amazing grit and determination that made him tough and this was one of the reasons that he was able to survive the harsh accident. Things we should know about unforgiving Siachen Glacier and life of Army jawans. Piror to 1984 neither India nor Pakistan had any permanent presence in the area. The impossible may take a little longer.”. The 1949 Karachi agreement and the 1972 Simla agreement presumed that it was not feasible for human habitation to survive north of NJ9842. For those fighting at the Siachen glacier, there are three basic requirements -- doctors, porters and … India, has about 10,000 soldiers camped on this glacier, say reports. The task force consisted of troops from Ladakh Scout, Kumaon Regiment and … Here’s what historians say, Covid reinfection confirmed in US man, second bout was more severe, Meet the Delhi cop who traced and found 76 missing people, Indian Army targets terror launchpads in PoK: Report, Bihar Education Minister Mewalal Chaudhary resigns over corruption charges, Good news: Meet world's youngest computer programmer from Ahmedabad, Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar slams Mamata govt over political killings, NCB to oppose anticipatory bail plea of Deepika Padukone's manager, People who don't want you to say Jai Shri Ram asking for votes in Bihar: PM Modi in Saharsa, Copyright © 2020 Living Media India Limited. Made by master Survivalist Kovac himself, it promises to keep bites and scratches to a minimum while … THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO DESTINATIONS, ITINERARIES, THINGS TO DO, RESTAURANTS, NIGHTLIFE and LOTS MORE! The Indian Army … Alternatively, if you’re in a car, stop the car and remain seated, since the metal will protect you … It’s a miracle. We have lost more than 850 bravehearts in Siachen in the last 30 yes, this is according to the MoD, GOI. TRue it reads true when babu people doubt the soldiers integrity of pinching on clothing ammo and even rum to survive . The condition of Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad, who was miraculously found alive after remaining buried in snow for 6 days following the avalanche in Siachen, remains critical. A set of protective gear finely crafted out of the best bones and scrap metal that can be found in the dumpster. They eat broth as a luxury. Just like an astronaut cannot survive without spacesuit and oxygen in space. Being in Siachen itself is a challenge: Temperatures fall to 60 degrees temperature below zero, and sudden blizzards can bury field artillery in minutes. Siachen Glacier, located near the Indo-Pak Line of Control, is known to be the highest battlefield in the world. Troops live in igloos clothed in high altitude gear and are supplied by helicopter (ALH Dhruv). Siachen miracle: How Lance Naik Hanamanthappa survived under 25 feet of snow for 6 days, Now, a liquid window that's 'smart' enough to cut electricity use, reduce your power bills, Battered Congress looks at hard road ahead, Is 2020 the worst year for civilisation? Speech blurring is as obvious as toothpaste freezing in the tube. Survive whatever awaits you. In severe cases, the organs might just fall off. In Siachen, soldiers are at the risk of getting frostbite if their bare skin touches any metal object for more than 15 seconds. Updated : May 21, 2019, 11:32 IST. Snowstorms up there can last up to three weeks. At times, soldiers are required to trek for almost 28 days to reach some of the farthest places, i.e., covering a stretch of 128 km. Snowstorms on the Siachen glacier can last for as long as 3 weeks. And if you go by the sign at the Indian Army foundation, it aptly reads, “We do the difficult as a routine. HOW to SURVIVE a NOOB and PRO FROM a XP TORNADO? An orange or an apple can freeze to the hardness of a cricket ball in no time. At Siachen, even if a fruit like apple is kept for a while, it will turn hard like a stone. I can also write novels as to how 'North' is interpreted as 'West' but it would just re live the mental disgust that the commentators have made. Fruits freeze to become as hard as cricket balls and potatoes … Annual snowfall in Siachen can be well over 3 dozen feet. similarly a soldier cannot survive many days on siachen glacier without food supplies backup, protective clothing and shelter. In the last 30 years, 846 soldiers have sacrificed their lives at Siachen due to extreme climate and hostile terrain conditions and enemy firing. ... Now Pakistan has no other option but to survive as a vassal of China. Fainting spells and pounding headaches are frequent. Like Siachen, in eastern Ladakh, too, the cost of sustaining 30,000 troops along 300 km of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is a costly affair. Winds at this height can cross the 100 mph limit in no time, leading to drop in temperature below -60 degrees. Siachen Glacier, located near the Indo-Pak Line of Control, is known to be the highest battlefield in the world. Up there, one can get badly hit by frostbite if their skin touches steel or gun trigger, for a mere 15 seconds.
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