He is recognized as an authority on daily carry knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design. Kershaw Skyline 1760 Knife Review If you are looking for a slim profile, lightweight, American made knife to carry everyday then look no further. Then I’ve taped the blade to see if I can get used to some sort of thumb action which will open the bladde completely without cutting into my thumb, but I wasn’t successful with that. I’ve searched for other pretty knives with a spear point blade but found nothing. Dallas, TX 75207 Downtown … but being pressed for time we only tried out the cafe. http://bayimg.com/LaIlHAAGl Always cut away from yourself when you’re using a blade as this is a common safety practice and prevents many injuries. Any and all support is greatly appreciated. The poor fit and finish on your handle leads me to suggest that this one may have slipped past their QC somehow. I’ve seen someone saying that the thumb openers are simply blade stoppers and that’s true. But I returned the knife to the online shop and asked for a replacement. SUBSCRIBE! But what should I say? It is my EDC (every day carry) knife. The blade and the clip has a beadblasted finish. The blade, liner, and pocket clip are all made of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. Not all the other knives can claim such a position in the knife world. Price: $136.57. It will more than satisfy most people. I honestly think you got a bad knife. Required fields are marked *. The Skyline will be reviewed in another article but is another great option for a lightweight and streamline EDC pocket knife. Weight: 2.5 oz. Its a great light duty EDC knife. There have been big strides in terms of flipping action, but this knife still remains intriguing and useful to me. I believe that this is a good school to receive education from. Ownership is based on a matter of taste. The Kershaw Skyline knife is a favorite for many people. This one is perfect! The G10 is lightweight, feels nice and provides decent grip. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Skyline knife looks and feels good. Another of Kershaw’s “greatest … Kershaw knives are a special knife that have created a loyal following. But that’s no pitty: the flipping action is really great and it makes a lot of fun opening the knife. The blade looks exactly the same (though bigger) and the handle design is also obiously very close to the Skyline. After opening the knife you have to close it again. One problem I do have with the clip is that it is not ambidextrous. Best EDC Knives This knife has only one steel liner (on the side of the lock) which greatly reduces the weight and thickness of the knife. Kershaw Skyline. Kershaw packed a lot of blade in this small package. The hinge of my copy is too stiff to flip it open. Thanks. Also notable is its blade, made from Sandvik 14C28N, a high-grade steel (for this price at least) and a step up from the 8Cr13MoV (a great steel in its own right) used on Kershaw… Overall length of the Skyline … The Kershaw Skyline is one of the least expensive high quality folding knives we’ve tested, and it can be found for well under $50 at many online retailers including the Kershaw store. The knife opens easily with the flipper, using just the index finger of either … The Skyline has a a pocket clip that allows for tip up or tip down carry. The skyline is one of the better deals you will find in knives and is really not beyond the budget of most knife enthusiasts. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Thanks for the detailed comment. The Skyline is an excellent little blade and I still carry mine all the time. In our review of the Kershaw Skyline Stainless Steel Blade, we gave the knife a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. I love the design. Being left handed, this is something of a concern, and I would prefer if they drilled and tapped the handles for 4 way carry. This knife would not stand up to much abuse, but the tougher jobs should be left for fixed knives anyway. In a perfect world, the Skyline would come with a 4 way pocket clip to ensure maximum versatility, and the detent strength would be improved to ensure better flipping action. The Skyline is a classic light duty EDC knife. As it stands its a good knife and an excellent deal. The material used in the Kershaw skyline blade has to be strong yet be somewhat flexible. One of both handles has sharp edges on the opposing edges and the other handle doesn’t fit on the knife! Learn how your comment data is processed. As mentioned previously, the Kershaw Skyline is almost neck-in-neck with the Leek on popularity, size and weight, and style. I have owned a couple of these knives, and while the flipping action isn’t amazing, the knife still opens with the push of a finger.
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