I've never seen anything like that. The Lion Guard Characters: Makini. ", "Oh, no my staff. He tells her that if she listens hard enough the staff will choose her. Her teeth, whilst petit, are sharp. the Lion Guard takes off to save Makini and Rafiki, only to find that Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha are battling the fire themselves. ", "Really? Now, come on. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I'm not sure how...", "Ooh! So long as she is offered another chance, she will do her best to rectify problems, regardless if she was at fault or not. She watches as they leave. And the original Lion Guard. But, you need to stop squirming. ", "I saw this the last time I went to the Tree of Life. Hope you find Kion. Chamber of Secrets. I never should have used flowers to make the paint. But, my friends think we might be going the wrong way. For inspiration! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is my place in the Circle of Life. Don't you think so, Fuli? She is Rafiki's young apprentice, chosen by the Great Lions of the Past. I just remembered something! "Journey of Memories" Makini recounts taking a journey to the Tree of Life with her parents, Fikiri and Kitendo.At the river, Fikiri had warned Kitendo to always test the water temperature first. Can you believe it? Thank you, Fuli. Like a rainbow." When they reach Ma Tembo, even more animals are relying on her to find the water source. In fact, this is where they first told me I might be a Royal Mjuzi. 397 Views. So, please don't wake her up. Just try it, please? ", "Oh, good! Bunga! It was a lot of work. ", "For someone so evil Scar sure has a lot of friends. ", "Oh, Ono, I am so, so sorry. What would you say? We can always use some more tuliza. I remember this river now. Due to her empathetic nature, she is very easy to deceive, particularly if others are friendly towards her. You're making more rocks fall. I don't hear anything. I know! When Kiara hears that Ma Tembo is having trouble, she receives her parent's blessing to help and when Makini asks if she go with her, Nala and Simba see it as an opportunity on how the future queen and Mjuzi will work together, and the pair set off. I can't believe it. Disney Junior Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. ", "Yes! She is especially impressed by Fuli for being the first ever female member. And, these are Queen Janna's stories. Whenever you needed it. This is the duty of your Royal Mjuzi. ", "Rafiki will be so impressed if I can remember every super-wise thing you've ever said, Kongwe. Oh... Shwari. 1 Biography 1.1 The Lion Guard 1.1.1 "The Wisdom of Kongwe" 2 Personality and traits 3 Trivia 4 References Fuli and Makini travel to Urembo River, searching for Kongwe. I better go back. The Lion Guard must return home to the Pride Lands to defend the Pride Lands from Zira. Makini is a female mandrill. I'll pick some. ", "Oh, good! That's Askari. Disney The Lion Guard - Season 2: The Rise of Scar, Part II - The Guard meets Rafiki's new apprentice Makini. The Lion Guard joins in, and together, the two groups put out the fire. See? ", "I've already been to the Tree of life, remember? The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. If you keep talking you might wake her up. Yellow? Anything is a song from season 3 The Lion Guard episode 5 "Marsh of Mystery” It is sung by Makini and Ono and perfomed by Landry Bender and Atticus Shaffer. What are they saying, Rafiki? Huh? ", "Hear what? It was part of the zebra herds' gazing grounds. Let's try that way. Oh I'm kind of far from the entrance. It will look amazing. ", "Yes! When Rafiki officially introduces her, Simba places his paw on her staff giving her their blessing and states that she is always welcome at Pride Rock and the young mandrill embraces the King with a hug. "A patient creature never misses a thing." 46 Favourites. Makini is a friendly, spirited, perky and curious mandrill, who is very excited about being Rafiki's new apprentice. Towards her hands and feet are bands of dark brown fur, which are longer near her hands. The two part ways. It is the true home and origin of theRoar of the Elders. I'll learn all about you and you'll learn all about me. Meanwhile, Ushari and the hyenas team up to seek the help of … I'll get you closer. She arrives at Rafiki's Tree to receive her first lesson about being quiet, shwari, but she becomes so excited that she can't sit still and even tries to sing to her mentor. Everyone knows you saved Bunga's life! Animals of the Tree of Life. Don't worry. Two days have passed since Kion became King. Rafiki sends Makini and the Lion Guard to the Outlands' volcano to get the volcanic ash needed to cure Simba by sundown. ", "It's okay, Rani. ", "There's enough tuliza here to last us for days! But he can not pass down the offer, because being with his mate, everything goes to plan. If you just...", "Queen Janna showed me a painting from a long time ago. https://disneyjuniorpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Makini?oldid=22378. Just think happy lion thoughts. But it's not easy. And, now we're stuck in a hole. Makini. This is from the day we arrived. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. Oh, it's so pretty. And, you filled it with Tuliza. Once Makini and the guard reach the volcano, Scar reveals himself to them and commands Janja's clan, Reirei's pack, Kiburi's float, Mzingo's flock, Ushari, Kenge, and Shupavu's group to attack them. It's a big watering hole with lots of water. Makini thanks her mentor for telling her but Rafiki adds on talking to bad lions is a really bad idea. Later, after Kiara was saved, Ma Tembo is still unable to find a source, with many animals chanting 'water water water' all around. Ponya Flowers! ", "Ooh, I've seen a watering hole that looks like that.". Rafiki tells her not to worry, and that they can find her a new one. She is a young mandrill who was Rafiki 's apprentice and is training to succeed him as Royal Mjuzi for the Pride Lands' Royal Family. You think I'm high-pitched? 10 Comments. ", "As is tradition, we will gather at the Willows to says goodbye to Queen Janna. "Shawri, Ono. Just then, Timon and Pumbaa arrive to help the Lion Guard with their lines. And, loud enough to echo? The Lion Guard brings viewers back to the rich world of one of Disney’s most beloved films, The Lion King. ", "Rafiki just told me I'll be painting the elephants for the Ukumbusho. But, what if you need some more? I've been working on them since the moment we got here. ", "Oh yeah! ", "I know that I was here with you, Mom. But, don't worry. 25 0 1. Her eyes are olive green. It's amazing! It has a big hole near the bottom that you can stick your arm through! And, I'm a Royal Mjuzi in training. Maybe you need some Tuliza. Makini receives the news of Scar's unexpected return. ", "Me too. The Lion Guard “Journey of Memories” Makini recounts taking a journey to the Tree of Life with her parents, Fikiri and Kitendo. ", "I learned this move from Rafiki. Janja's Clan pounce on her, striking her staff away and stealing Kiara from her. The Tree of Life is a location that is home toRani,Kion, theNight Pride, and many rare animals. ", "That's what you get for spoiling my big night! The next moja kwa moja stone. But I've never painted anything before. Shwari, Kion. ", "Oh. H… Atop her head is a slightly lighter yet still dark brown fur. Makini is a supporting character in The Lion Guard, making her first appearance in the Season 2 episode The Rise of Scar. ", "We're trying. But I still haven't heard them! So Rafiki suggests that Makini finds her own Bakora Staff and she is directed to some sticks outside of her mentor's home. Or maybe kupona sap? Friends to the End Lyrics. Makini worries about her shortcomings rather frequently. ", "The Tree of Life is a safe place for animals who are hurt or sick. ", "Bunga, shh! We just haven't figured out the best way to help him! What animal do you think's the prettiest, Fuli? I first followed some lights, then we fell in a hole...", "Yeah. Did you know that all the lair's caverns have paintings in them?
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