You may want to use a live trap to remove your raccoon. May get ripped off in the wind. So how do you predator-proof the chicken yard? To make sure that your chicken coop is reinforced from above, make sure that the roof meets the walls at every angle, and that there is no gap at the corners or on the straight edges where a raccoon might be able to get a hold. Build a small shed or hutch that is solid, free from any gaping holes or wide gaps in its walls, doors and floor. Don’t risk losing your backyard chickens to predators! Lisa Steele, a 5th generation chicken keeper and Master Gardener, and author of the popular books Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens Naturally and Gardening with Chickens lives with her husband on a small hobby farm in Maine where she raises a mixed flock of chickens and ducks, grows herbs and enjoys cooking using fresh vegetables from her garden and fresh eggs from her coop. Rat-proof the chicken coop. You could also use something heavy like a cinderblock to lean up against the door. This item PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light Scares Nocturnal Pest Animals Away, Deer Coyote Raccoon Repellent Devices, Chicken Coop Accessories. A coop apron is a thick hardware cloth that you bury beneath your chicken run. Jul 9, 2020 - Explore Easy Crafts's board "raccoon proof chicken coop latch" on Pinterest. It can be used in all areas that standard chicken wire is. The cost-effective way to go is to construct your own out of recycled materials. Chicken keepers who have used plastic panels for their chicken coop roof (with no plywood base) have said that the wind can rip them off. Watch Queue Queue Saved from backyardchickens ... . Provide A Strong, Sturdy Coop. Check out our book, Backyard Chickens: How To Have A Happy Flock! Predators like raccoons, foxes, owls, even neighborhood dogs are known to attack backyard chickens at night or in plain daylight. Burying a coop apron will help keep animals and snakes from digging under your coop. Chickens are a tasty meal, and all the wild animals around your farm know this. : raccoon trap - duke dog/pet proof coon, Raccoon trap - duke dog/pet proof animal coon hunting trap - easy setup for anyone - the duke dog proof coon trap features a fully enclosed dog, cat, or pet proof. Bait the trap with canned cat food, sweet corn or raccoon bait. Second, it will want to kill as many prey as possible, with plans to save the extras for future meals. Try these tips: 1. See more ideas about Chicken coop, Coop, Chicken runs. If the lock has two combinations for opening, it is even better. Raccoon Proof the Coop . Raccoons won't eat the whole bird or even most of it; they will often just eat the contents of your birds' crops and occasionally some of the chest. Have you had a close call with a raccoon or fox? good protection. made in texas, shipped nationwide. May not be predator-proof. In a chicken coop, the weasel is unable to stop itself from killing. Build A Raccoon Proof Chicken Coop This post is very timely and unfortunately too late for a friend of mine who just lost 6 of her chicks to a raccoon last… If you are keeping chickens, you will need to build a raccoon proof chicken coop. Automated chicken coop door | hackaday, Here’s a pretty cool implementation of an automated door, built for a chicken coop. How to raccoon proof chicken coop . If the lock requires 2 or more steps to open, it should keep out the raccoons. Hardware cloth is very durable and breathable. Also inspect the coop and repair any small holes. Aug 10, 2019 - Building a chicken coop? Raccoon Proof, Automatic, Chicken Coop Door - YouTube .
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