Timber poles are utilised in structural construction to provide support for gravity loads and resistance against lateral forces. Growth Rate: 36 or More Inches per Year. Architects and designers favour it where appearance matters. Width: 50 - 100 feet. Erect or Spreading and requires ample growing space. A distinctive timber door can also create visual impact, adding value to any commercial or domestic building. It is also used in boatbuilding and is the primary Australian timber used for the handles of tools and implements that are subject to high impact forces. This application guide provides a comprehensive overview of the process of using timber in the specification, fabrication and erection of portal frame structures. One of the most popular types of wooden framing is known as lightweight timber construction. Sawn timber from these species is generally available throughout Australia. Longevity 50 to 150 years. Other applications include boatbuilding, tool and implement handles, polo sticks and diving boards. Rounded Shape. Spotted Gum has a long history of usage in engineering applications such as wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers, cross-arms and mining timbers. Erect or Spreading and requires ample growing space. Spotted Gum is a tough timber which has been weathered by harsh conditions. Spotted Gum KD F27 Class 1 timber is on the top of the list in terms of durability, great for beams or rafters for your pergola. Spotted Gum is the common name for four species that grow along the east coast of Australia, from northeast Victoria to the northern tablelands of Queensland, with some occurrence in western areas of southern Queensland. Leaves Lanceolate, Light Green, No Change, Evergreen. Spotted Gum is a moderately coarse and uneven textured wood with some timbers having the additional feature of a wavy grain, giving rise to an attractive fiddleback figure. A Degree of Fire-Resistance. The species referred to as Spotted Gum vary in appearance but not in durability class or other properties. For buildings that require large spans and column free interiors, timber portal frames provide one of the most aesthetically pleasing solutions. It’s eye-catching and varied colour range and appealing grain patterns make certain it is always in demand. 1995-2020. Common Applications. Interpreting Wetland Status. C.henryi is restricted to an area between about Brisbane and Coffs Harbour. Due to it being very dense, Queensland Spotted Gum is a strong and sturdy timber with a quality feel. Spotted Gum. Slightly Acidic to Highly Alkaline Soil pH. My understanding has always been that high density, high MoR woods were most likely to make good bowwoods. Spotted Gum is one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods with a striking appearance and a high degree of natural durability and strength, making it an ideal timber for a variety of structural, exterior and interior applications. The sapwood is distinctly paler. Wetland Status. Often used as part of ‘cathedral ceiling’ systems, timber can be specified light or heavy to suit the chosen theme and style. However, there are some characteristics that should make homeowners think twice before taking the plunge. Timber decking creates spaces that are functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing. As with most high-density species, machining and surface preparation should be done immediately before gluing. SPOTTED GUM, SPOTTED EUCALYPTUS. With all the benefits of Karndean LooseLay, yet in extra-long plank format, Lemon Spotted Gum is quick and easy to install and perfect for spaces where you’re looking to reduce the transfer of noise. It is used for a variety of applications, including structural building members, such as posts and poles, and for framing, flooring, lining, decking and cladding. Coffee table made with spotted gum, black oxide steel and woven bronze wire. It has smooth, mottled bark, lance-shaped to curved adult leaves, flower buds usually in groups of three, white flowers and urn-shaped or barrel-shaped fruit. "Corymbia maculata Tree Record." Architects and Specifiers favour Spotted Gum for its individuality and stunning colour palette which If the canopy of the tree is damaged, the tree can sprout new leaves from the base or branches. Spotted Gum is a fairly hard timber, so anything between 40-120 grit will work. The California Polytechnic State University and the Cal Poly Corporation shall not be responsible for any loss of profit, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of the use of the data and information derived from this web site. Since people began building simple shelters, wooden framing has played an important role in shaping structures of many kinds. Sapwood is usually white to light brown in colour. Spotted Gum trees have a host of characteristics that help it survive intense fires, including a thick bark, as well as an outer layer of bark that peels off in patches, rather than in ribbons. Properties Density: 1010kg/m 3 at 12% moisture content, about 1.0m 3 of seasoned sawn timber per tonne; plantation-grown mature timber of C. citriodora subsp . Dimensions. Commonly utilising an MDF or plywood substrate, internal timber paneling is natural and versatile and comes as either solid natural timber panels or as sheets of engineered wood products. Hardiness estimate: 19-23 degrees F. Blooms from January-April. Sapwood is white to light brown in colour and can be up to 50mm wide. Bark Mottled, Light Gray, Purple, Red Brown or Multicolored, Smooth. Australia’s leading supplier of reclaimed, recycled and architectural Australian hardwood timbers. Spotted Gum readily accepts paint, stains and polish. Tree Characteristics. Spotted Gum is used in engineering applications such as wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers, cross-arms and mining timbers. Spotted Gum is a moderately coarse and uneven textured wood with some timbers having the additional feature of a wavy grain, giving rise to an attractive fiddleback figure. The wood has a slightly greasy feel, a characteristic that aids machining and boring. Spotted Gum is also a good timber for carving and woodturning. Flowers in Spring or Summer. CORYMBIA maculata [pure seed] (Spotted Gum, genus: CORYMBIA). If you would like to see this tree listed, or know of a nursery that sells it, please contact us at ufei@calpoly.edu. Limited Stock Available Spotted gum has a tough, fine grain resistant to warping, making it perfect for tool handles and flooring. Not only serving a structural function, timber poles provide many aesthetic benefits, with their use in construction often complementing architectural designs aimed at harmonisation with the natural environment. Spotted Gum's natural range spans the temperate and the sub-tropical zones up the east coast. Photo Locations: Los Angeles County Arboretum - Arcadia, CA and San Francisco, CA. C.maculata is a very decorative species but perhaps too large for most suburban garden. Has perfect flowers (male and female parts in each flower). For outdoor applications, timber is one of the leading material choices. The modulus of elasticity of other Aussie timbers is too poor. The bark sheds in summer and is smooth and cream in colour with grey spots from the older bark, providing contrast and interest with its mottled appearance. Known for its striking appearance and strength, it is ideal for a variety of interior, exterior and structural applications. It can also have patches of white to light brown colours running through it up to 50mm wide. Spotted Gum is an extremely adaptable and naturally strong timber which makes it ideally suited to numerous applications. Architects and designers throughout the world value spotted gum timbers for their back-sawn grain structure, attractive markings and vibrant colour palette.… White. Smog tolerant. Choice is limited only by individual style and design preferences. This tree is not part of the SelecTree Nursery Connection. The heartwood ranges from light brown through definite browns to deep red-brown hues. With the right design and care a timber deck will make a valuable addition to any home or business, creating an outdoor living space that will be enjoyed for years to come. This weathering produces spotted gum’s unique characteristics: gum veins and a wavy grain which results in a ‘fiddleback’ effect. Outdoor furniture in Spotted Gum has consistently won industry awards in Australia and is exported to a range of destinations around the world. Cite this tree: There are many timber species to choose from, each with different characteristics of colour and wood texture. Without the reliable winter rains of the south or the summer rains of the north farms and forest in this zone commonly suffer extended droughts. Leaves Lanceolate, Dark Green, No Change, Evergreen. Moderate to high drought tolerance. These species have straight, slender trunks with smooth bark that is shed in patches, giving the trees their characteristic spotted appearance. Timber joinery products offer a classic, unique and stylish touch to any interior design. Timber use in external staircase applications creates structures of strength and durability, sheathed in a natural beauty that blends seamlessly with the outdoor environment. Related Links. Pine decking a great if you're on a budget, while the range of hardwoods and Accoya wood give a set of mouth-watering options for your wooden outdoor living area. Materials and dimensions can be adjusted to suit the characteristics that you are after Leaves Lanceolate, Dark Green, No Change, Evergreen. Large-leaved spotted gum, Corymbia henryi, is very similar in appearance to C.maculata and occurs in part of the same range. Resistant to Texas Root Rot and Verticillium. Mouldings are extremely versatile and durable, enhancing the aesthetics of any interior and functioning as the icing on the cake for designs with a focus on beauty and splendour. Flowers in Spring or Summer. Height: 60 - 100 feet. White. It is suitable for a range of building applications, such as posts and poles, framing, flooring, lining, decking and cladding. Tree Characteristics. Spotted Gum is a premium Australian hardwood that is used widely in structural, exterior and internal applications. Susceptible to Beetle Borers and Psyllid, Armillaria, Phytophthora and Root Rot. Spotted Gum components that are 18mm thick or greater do not require fire retardant treatment for use in construction in bush-fire prone areas.
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