Drone Reviews

Drone Reviews

Purchasing a drone is an exciting experience, but it also can be a huge investment. There are so many different brands and types of drones for so many different purposes that it can be difficult to figure out what the best drones are for your particular interests. That’s why we here at WeTalkUAV compile some of the best drone expert analysis on the Internet — to provide you with all of the information you need to make the most informed choices. On this page, you’ll find a comprehensive repository of new drone reviews and UAV reviews to help you find the UAV or drone or the related accessory that’s right for you.

This page updates all the time, with full reviews of the newest drone models on the market. Our reviewers go in-depth to find out how each drone measures up and which ones are the best for their respective purposes. Our unbiased reporting means we’re not afraid to tell it like it is, and if a particular drone doesn’t live up to the hype for any reason, you can be sure we’ll let you know. We’re also not afraid to put a drone through the wringer to find out how durable it really is, as our “torture test” videos can demonstrate.

Reviews That Dig Deep

WeTalkUAV reviews range from unboxing the newest drone release and giving you a first look at what to expect, to cracking the drones themselves open to show you exactly what makes them tick and whether or not they’re worth your time. We’ll also demonstrate some of the latest features in drones and let you know if they’re worth upgrading your current model. In the reviews published here, drones are even stacked up against each other under specialized testing conditions to let you know which drones are best at what.

We also bring you full reviews of the newest accessories for your drones, giving you the rundown on whether or not they are “must-haves” for your flying enjoyment. And that’s not all — our reviews section also features in-depth breakdowns of all of the current trends related to the UAV world, from new drone racing leagues to consumer spending trends.

Bebop 2 Power

New Parrot Bebop 2 Power & Parrot Mambo FPV

Parrot drones have just released two new drones called the Parrot Bebop 2 Power and the Parrot Mambo FPV. Both drones are upgraded models...
medical drone

Medical Drone Sets New 161 Mile Delivery Record!

A UAV set a new delivery record for medical drones with a 161 mile flight across Arizona’s desert. The custom UAV carried several human blood samples...
Cold DJI Products

Five cold DJI products that you might have never heard about.

DJI Ace One This is one of the earliest flight controllers that DJI made back in time before multirotors haven't become popular.  In 2010 the...
Rocket katana

Rocket Katana vs. DJI Phantom 2

What happens when you take a rocket propelled sword and launch it towards a DJI Phantom 2? This question is exactly what YouTuber David...

DIY Phantom 4 PRO Obsidian Tutorial Video

The Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian has just been introduced at a German consumer electronics show called IFA 2017. It’s essentially the same exact drone...

NEW DJI Mavic Pro Platinum + DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian

Back in CES 2017, DJI showcased a special edition Phantom 4 to celebrate Chinese New Year. Now, two additional drone variants have just been...
mavic pro platinum in the box

Is DJI Preparing to Launch New Mavic Platinum?

There tends to be a pattern whenever DJI is about to launch a new consumer drone. First, leaks of images and potential specifications begin...

Yuneec Launches First Commercial Drone: The H520

For most of us, Yuneec is best known as the manufacturer behind consumer drones like the Breeze, a 4K selfie drone, and the Typhoon...

DJI Phantom 4 Wetsuit – Rainproof your Drone!

Flying a consumer drone in rain has only been speculated in forums such as Phantom Pilots. Now, a company out of Ohio has just...

DJI’s Educational Discount is Now Live!

Did you know that going to school can often get you discounts off video editing programs and sometimes even electronics? DJI is now offering...