DJI Spark Crashvideo

DJI Spark CRASH! This Is How Durable Is DJI Spark!

This video about DJI Spark crash is one of the best examples of what you shouldn't try at home, or in our case, this...
South African Wildlife aerial video

African Wildlife Shot With Only One Mavic Pro Drone

Yesterday Roth Rind send us a message on Facebook, just showing his recent aerial video work about South African Wildlife and it impressed me...
Mavic propeller guards

Mavic Propeller Guards Test – Safety First!

Drone community has been buzzing about drone propeller guards since DJI has released them. Of course, there was a lot of skepticism going on...
stolen drone equipment

A Man Steals Thousands Of Dollars In Drone Equipment

Can thousands of dollars of DJI equipment disappear in a blink of an eye? Apparently, if you are the owner of Multicopter Warehouse in...
Drone duel with fireworks

The Drone Duel – DJI Phantoms Shoothing Each Other With Fireworks

This is not a joke! This is a real drone duel! So here is the story: Two guys, somewhere in China have attached the fireworks to...
Inspire 2 battery test

DJI Inspire 2 Battery Test Series – Episode 1 (Flight time)

We Talk UAV is announcing a beginning of the Inspire 2 Battery Test Series! In this video series, we will be putting the DJI...
Phantom 4 wind tunnel test

Phantom 4 Wind Tunnel Test! Crash In 150 km/h Hurricane

Ever wonder what a Drone’s worst nightmare is? Is it an electromagnetic field? How about an ill-conceived firmware update? In fact, the worst nightmare...
Wordld Largest Drone By Casey Neistatvideo

Casey Neistat’s DRONE Specifications – World’s Largest Drone

Prepare for the world's largest homemade drone... In this video, you will get an opportunity to see in work the largest drone in the...

Drone Hunting Battle by Dude Perfect!

Drone hunting videos started appearing in internet since the consumer level quadcopters became popular. Such a games for the rich boys get a lot of...