DJI has released a somewhat brand new drone called the Phantom 3 SE, and it will cost only 2999 Chinese RMB (about 430 USD). You may be asking yourself, “Didn’t they stop the production of all Phantom 3s except Phantom 3 Standard?” That is right. The reason for this was the fact that DJI had too many Mavic orders, and they had a hard time satisfying demand.

Looking at DJI’s current pricing strategy, one can see that they have a lot of drones between $700-2000 USD, and there is only one entry-level drone: Phantom 3 Standard, that costs $399.

 Phantom 3 SE

What Is The Phantom 3 SE All About?

Unlike the regular P3S, the Phantom 3 SE has a 4K camera and 720P live view with a maximum RC range of 4000m (12000ft).  Think of it as an improved version of the short-lived Phantom 3 4K.

The main differences:

  • 4K Camera
  • Improved 720p, 30 fps Wi-Fi live view
  • 4000m (12000 ft) RC Range
  • Vision Positioning System
  • New name

According to an unofficial source, this product will only be sold in the Chinese market, at least for now. Maybe they want to see if people are actually going to buy it and if it works before they sell it in Western market as well.

Phantom 3 SE Remote Controller

Innovation? – Not at all! But for about $430 bucks this is arguably the best drone in this price range on the market right now.

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