WARFRAME WEAPON . The Aklex Prime's slide is not animated, unlike the single Lex Prime. Aklex Prime Furthermore, Akvasto has the advantage of a 1.30 Riven Disposition, compared to Aklex Prime's … This hybrid build improves the overall base stats of the Aklex Prime so it can be used in most missions while retaining its great stopping power and improves on one of the main setbacks of the weapon which is recoil. Aklex Prime has more recoil and less accuracy than Lex Prime, making consistent headshots difficult. I don't want to spend my materies for it if I won't use it. Item Count Source ; LEX. Aklex. Screenshot. 19/09/2020 : Added full-body.stl ( provided by widescreenJohn ) If it fits on your printbed you'll have less gaps to fill, making the end result look a lot cleaner! No notifications. 25.33 % Axi G3 Relic. 25.33 % Axi E2 Relic. A common weapon in the hands of Tenno that love to hear a great booming sound from their weapon the Aklex certainly delivers that in pairs as these powerful hand cannons not only sound amazing but also hit with deadly force. Trigger Type Aklex Prime is the Primed version of Aklex, and consists of a pair of hard-hitting semi-automatic pistols. Compared to a single Lex, the Aklex have a higher rate of fire and magazine size. Positive faction is ok to have but if we will be talking about a specific faction it would be preferred to have positive Grineer damage compared to other factions but overall there are other better possible options to have as a Riven stat. Magazine Size Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Top Contributors: Keylimepies, Scorpioofshadows, JonRyan-IGN + more. Statistics https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Aklex_Prime?oldid=2172586. Tenno Weapons. AKLEX PRIME - Limited Edition Weapon 4 forma - Warframe, AKLEX PRIME - Real Stopping Power 6 forma - Warframe, Warframe - All Prime Secondaries - Weapon Animations & Sounds (2013 - 2019), Warframe - All Prime Weapon Reloads in 1 minute (2013 - 2019). Aklex Prime damage increased in Conclave. The Lex Prime from Warframe. In today's episode of Let's Play Warframe, I discuss the new prime secondary, the AkLex Prime! Vaulted. Dual Pistols New Build. Alarming Multishot gives the weapon a free extra bullet with every trigger pull towards your target, while Lethal Torrent also provides a direct increase to fire rate. Today we will be taking a look at some of the most powerful Ak secondary weapons in Warframe. These pistols are a sidegrade (at best) to their older, singluer counterpart, the Lex Prime. The Aklex Prime are Tenno heavy pistols that have high puncture damage great for dealing with heavily armored units that have an increased magazine count compared to the solo version with higher recoil being that it is an akimbo weapon. What it lacks in raw dps it makes up for in pure epic style. 3. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme … © 2020 WarframeNow. Coub is YouTube for video loops. 120.0 Find Buyers of Aklex (Prime), and get in touch with them easily! This weapon deals primarily Puncture damage. Aklex. This weapon deals primarily Puncture damage.Advantages: 1. Utility Aklex Prime The relics needed to be unlocked are exclusively available for purchase by Ducats only from Baro Ki’Teer. Radiation works best for this build due to it being the least resisted element against hard to kill enemies which include those from the Grineer and Corpus factions. Pistol Positive Recoil is really bad for this weapon where you are not only fighting against recoil, you will be also potentially slowing down your shots to control the heavy kick of the Aklex Prime. At the same time, it inflicts stacks of negative status effects with every shot. Search. Aklex Prime is the Primed version of Aklex, and consists of a pair of hard hitting semi-automatic pistols. Damage tests + weapon builds. Wiki is currently under development. 3.0 s You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. 150.0 ( 80%) Low Slash and Impact damage – less effective against health and shields. 27 Cm long ( about the size of a deagle ) But the biggest part is only 17cm. AKLEX Blueprint. Adding Bore to increase its dominant physical stat puncture, for more damage against tough elite armored units. 1: Axi A9 Relic. Variants Slow reload spe… WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 1. High status chance. Introduced Secondary ammo can easily be found in missions either from enemies or caches. The Aklex Prime and the Akvasto Prime in a head to head battle. Aklex has a %28 increase in DPS which is a significant boost, and unarguably compensates for the lowered accuracy. Page Tools. However, they have no polarity slot, … Fire Rate Good magazine size. Uninfluenced honest opinions about the industry and its current state. 4. Using four 60/60 mods and Sure Shot increases the status chance a bit over 100% and Stunning Speed also adds a bit of a boost to that status while providing an increase in reload speed. The Aklex Prime is Warframes version of the twin Deagles with their powerful sound and recoil that resembles the weapon perfectly and comparably its destructive potential as well. 2. 25.00% Dual Lex pistols double the amount of high caliber lead you can throw at the enemy, but accuracy and reload time suffer. The Aklex Prime is the akimbo Prime variant of Lex Prime, the Aklex however only provides an increase of fire rate, recoil, and magazine size compared to the stand alone version. AKLEX PRIME. The AkLex Prime is a dual secondary with the highest MR lock of all weapons currently, at MR15.