Benchmade Puukko. item 5 Benchmade Puukko 200 Bushcraft Fixed Blade Knife W/Sheath Santoprene Handle 5 - Benchmade Puukko 200 Bushcraft Fixed Blade Knife W/Sheath Santoprene Handle . Ahti Metsapuukko Carbon Steel Scandinavian Knife from Finland. Everyday. Fixed Blade, Review. This review will be from the perspective of a backpacker/fisherman/knife guy, and not a bushcrafter, survivalist, operator, hunter, prepper, or knife reviewer. Food, water, knife, and everything in between.

42 Reviews. Outdoor. This sheath fits my other puukko knives (see pics) including my Benchmade Puukko. Paid Subscribers don't see ads! Did some field testing on a rainy Northwest Day with the 200 Puukko by Benchmade. The Finnish puukko design has been a staple in outdoor recreation and bushcraft for centuries, filling the needs of everyone from hunters to homesteaders. CPM-3V steel rewrote our standard for toughness, outperforming all other steels in our lineup. Availability: In stock. Description . Review Benchmade 200 Puukko Discussion in 'Benchmade Knife Company' started by DeadboxHero, Oct 27, 2018. Supporter. Reactions: Ptpalpha, shoggoth80 and GreyOne. Benchmade Puukko. I just find the Tops Puukko way overpriced, workmanship is not that perfect (scales are protuding beyond the blade and produce hot spots), the Benchmade Puukko fits nicely to the hand, but the material is quite soft and will probably deteriorate on the long run. The Mora Garberg is a bit tight but I'm sure the leather will loosen. Both run about $115 street and both are nice, but choosing G10 over micarta is like choosing "broken glass" over "ice cream sundae" when asked what you want for desert. The Benchmade Puukko 200 will throw sparks in its current configuration, but not with the ease of its sharp-spined brethren. Add to Cart. More Views. This is the first Benchmade’s review for a long time. I wish Benchmade sold blade only so I could in Finish tradition build my handle out of Birch blur or Birtch bark myself. $40.00 - $55.00. Here is a written review. Outdoor. Benchmade 200 Puukko. 200 Puukko; Product Reviews; 200 Puukko. Benchmade Knives: 200 Puukko - CPM 3V Fixed Blade - Textured Ranger Green Handle. Review Subject Required. Whether it’s a camping trip in the backcountry or bushcrafting in the backyard, the Puukko is bound to impress users with its inherent versatility in any environment. Details Benchmade For. However, the cutting edge throws sparks as well as anything, and pushing on the spine will likely happen much more often than the need to scrape a firerod. Benchmade 200 Puukko – Call me Snake. Additional Information. Puukko knives should not have this kind of handle then you might as well buy a Mora or ten for the same price as one of these. The wooden handle was replaced by the Santoprene. Enter the woods with peace of mind, and the 202 Leuku on your hip. Bribbon Supporter. Just nothing outstanding about their Leuku to me. Reviews: Be the first to review this product. Favorite. They are now tempering 3V to a higher hardness. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … The Benchmade 200 series Puukko is designed to take the best attributes of the top survival/bushcraft knives and put them all in one package, a "Jack of all trades master of none" type blade Yet, very customizable with geometries. FREE Shipping. Rating: 94%. Enjoy Free Shipping during the holidays! The Puukko is a Scandinavian-style knife popular in the outdoor and survival spaces, largely due to its flat spine which is perfect for hammering into logs or striking with a flint. Some knives are absolutely excellent right out of the box and this is one of them. A light spine grinding to sharpen the corners are fine if that floats your boat. Description Details. × Description. Learn: About Us Policies Reviews Holiday Shopping How To. Free shipping. This no-nonsense fixed blade is built for strenuous bushcrafting applications while maximizing in-hand comfort. This Benchmade Leuku is a slightly larger version of the famous Benchmade Puukko. The initial knives primarily consisted of Bali-Song® knives, using a combination of outside vendors and inside processing to build finished products. SKU: BM200. "Designed to handle all your adventures in the outdoors, the Puukko combines a classic Scandinavian silhouette with the modern performance you expect from a Benchmade. 4.7 out of 5 stars 122.