In this article, we will show you how to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides. You can copy/paste text or individual slides from one app to the other, but there's no way to convert them to the other's format. As Luc says no easy way. I have the perfect solution for you! Part 1. Here is a step by step guide for PPT to Google Slides: Method 1 . Create your PowerPoint presentation and save it to a folder that you can easily locate. Let’s explore the issue a bit. You can use this option to present presentation from a PC, tablet or even a smartphone. If you’re wanting to reuse a PowerPoint presentation but would like to clear the slideshow’s formatting, there’s no need to do it slide by slide—you can do it all at once. Google Documents is one of Google’s most popular products and is the springboard from which they launched other Google office applications and Google Drive. Author. How to Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides Step 1. Posts. Check the box next to “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format,” and click Done. From the given options you can choose to present from the beginning, with speaker notes and open your presentation slide show in a new window. Next, go to Google Drive and log in or sign up. I don’t mind losing some functionality, but i do NEED it to be in PowerPoint. Eventually, hit "Create Video" button to assign an output folder and convert your downloaded Google Slides presentation to video in PowerPoint. Note: If you're used to PowerPoint 2007 interface and operation or haven't purchased Microsoft Office yet, the following two methods will satisfy your need. First, open the PowerPoint presentation with the formatting you want to edit. The Problem. And if you are in a bind, check out our assets that are 100% compatible with Google Slides. Change the printer to Adobe PDF. This is what I do to get a really clear picture. Go to print. Despite this, Docs has a history of being difficult about formatting. Open PowerPoint in google slides If I can directly convert the flipchart to Google slides–great, but if not, can’t I convert a flipchart to a Power point? Open Google Drive. Google Slides can readily convert presentations in other formats to a Google Slides presentation format. All in all, PowerPoint doesn’t always play too nicely with Google Slides, but these 5 points will help you make the transition from PowerPoint to Google Slides a lot smoother. That means that if you are asked to change or update a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, for example, you can do it using Google Slides. IF you are competent to unzip the pptx file and modify the XML it can be done, the slide size will change but the pictures will not change (they will move though and you will have to adjust the positions) Unzip > look for PPT > presentation XML and change the slide size values (p:sldSz) then rezip. Best Way to Convert PDF to Google Slides (Good Formatting) As we all know, a Google Slides document is well formatted, converting a PDF to Google Slides, the formatting should be highly maintained, in this case, the best solution to convert PDF to Google Slides with good formatting is using a professional PDF converter. You can't convert Slides to Docs or vice versa -- they are two different, incompatible formats. Here’s how. The Present button in Google Slides can be used to instantly present your slides as a slideshow before an audience; just like you would using PowerPoint. Google Documents is a cloud-based word processor. To illustrate the before and after, here’s what we’ll be working with in this example. I work on the PC doing slide formatting then have to make those slides into pictures to import into Quark on the MAC. Making a PowerPoint slide into a picture.