Thanks so much for being here! I’m taking in the moment… feeling it deeply and am so filled with gratitude for everything you do. About Rick Hanson Ph.D. Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a psychologist, senior fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, and New York Times bestselling author.His books have been published in 29 languages and include Neurodharma, Resilient, Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha’s Brain, Just One Thing, and Mother Nurture – with 900,000 copies in English alone. These practices are more goodies to put in my backpack of life-long learning. That is, our natural and joyful attention and appreciation of the success and good fortune of others. Another great episode, of course. Thank you for a great episode with Dr Rick Hanson. Loved this episode. My body couldn’t handle it anymore and my mind couldn’t either. Hi Marie and Rick and Team and Dream fellas, I utilize his wisdom and practical strategies daily in my own work with clients. Rick Hanson, PhD is a psychologist, Senior Fellow of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and New York Times best-selling author. I have been on an intense spiritual path for the last 7 years and experienced severe depression, more than one dark night of the soul and feared I had lost a lot of my emotional resilience along the way. Thank you so much for this interview. Give your brain the ultimate multivitamin. Keep going and know that you’re on the path. “Holy cats” made us laugh right out loud– we’re thrilled Dr. Hanson’s message resonated with you this week. That was just so OMG I don’t have words! I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything but I thought it was a great way to show people who I am, answer some questions I’m often asked and give some advice. We’re thrilled Rick’s message resonated with you, Shira! best take away: clean after the dog right away and after then times push also a thought out of your brain. I’m learning how to do this, how to focus on this, and it feels really wonderful, I have to say. Merci, Kellyann. ***** 5-star!!!! With all the hearts, We’re so glad that your nudge to watch this episode was the right one. For example, you went to the gym with someone. You HAVE to watch it, do yourself that favour, it’s beyond beautiful about a very special gorilla:human connection. To follow, the art and practice of giving grace and allowing grace, for others and for ourselves, is a long term reward in itself. I have had a breakthrough! Thanks for adding joy and positivity to our community. They are out there in force every day in my life (thankfully), but my mind goes to the negative but NO MORE. Late last year I did Louise Hay’s mirror work program, learned to love myself and become my own best friend. I am going to buy his books because I have always loved psychology and philosophy and have learned so much about myself and others from my readings. And the funny thing is that a lot of things that Rick Hanson mentioned were beneficial to be doing, I’m already doing. This episode was amazing! I can’t thank you enough for having Rick Hanson on your podcast. My key take away was around how to make those positive experiences stick! What are the practices you need to build and the pathways you need to train and maintain to attain well-being and find happiness in your brain? To hold onto and savour the good things that happen each day, I believe, will be life-changing. Is it still worth reading? Write down anything you learned from this past situation about how to successfully form new habits or any tactics you used to help make this change that could apply to your new habit. Thank you!!! One way or another, most of us seek happiness and try to obtain it in life. I’ve always intrinsically known this to be true. Thank you, Marie and Team Forleo for all of the powerful tools and insight that you share. Fascinating always, to listen to how negativity effects our lives. Two key takeaway from this interview, the first, is My past experiences don’t define my future onse; the second is Don’t Marinate in it. I use psychology and science principles (cells fire together wire together haunted my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience!) I discovered that I am already doing this automatically, & it id a blessing to learn it here. Just listened to you & Rick on our brains being distinguished from our minds. Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a psychologist, Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, and New York Times best-selling author. This is what we should be parenting (ourselves and our children) to now days. YES!” throughout this whole episode. Is there a list of all these Nuggets o’ Wisdom somewhere? Thanks! If any of those apply to you, check out Dr. Rick Hanson’s Foundations of Well-Being program. So what I want to do here, if I could, is share with you a very simple, yet powerful method, grounded in neuroscience, for turning passing experiences into lasting structure, useful … Hardwiring Happiness: Dr. Rick Hanson … I am a total fan of Rick Hanson’s work and of his gentle and warm presence. Insight after insight. I really appreciated that the ultimate multivitamin for the brain is Love! I joined B-School at the last minute! And the zoo. Happiness is always within reach inside. Wonderful episode – thank you for always having great people Marie ! Pet the Lizard, feed the Mouse and hug the Monkey!! I listen to you while I drive to work – it’s a pleasure to set up an MTV episode for my journey, but i must admit, when I saw this one, having no knowledge of Dr. Rick Hanson, I thought to myself – do I need another teacher? If you’re thinking, “I’m such a loser”. Talking about being compassionate for our own MONKEY, I just watched this video yesterday on YouTube. Mindful awareness vs ruminating!!! My clients are very successful actors so my brain is doing okay. I’ve read and watched a lot of Rick Hanson interviews this is now one of my favorites…. His work has transformed the way I handle negative thoughts and experiences. He was a dude. – “even if you were born into certain circumstances, and there is certain pain and trauma in your past that that does not have to be your destiny moving forward”, I’m a coach for adult women with ADHD. Love it, Lynne! It is the ultimate vitamin. BUT wound up watching this show with Rick – EXCELLENT, can’t wait to watch it again and again. I’m a coach that focuses deeply on using the exact techniques he described (savoring the moment, grounding in the body, holding difficult emotions in a context of spaciousness, etc.) Thanks so much! Are you ready to find out what these practices are? A Discussion with Dr. Rick Hanson – Dealing with Interpersonal Abuse. I just filled my Amazon cart with 5 items of Dr. Rick Hanson resources. I enjoyed everything and will continue to follow you both. Great interview. For me I have a competative nature and have been working on genuine excitement and being happy for those in my field that are getting the business, which leads to more positive thought in my life. One of my parents is aging rather quickly due to very old destructive patterns. You’ve got it, Megan! Due to the extent of trauma that many women experience in life, I feel your audience would respond well to it. Sally Feel free to contact me with any questions. My backpack has been empty and waiting for these tools for a long time! Marie, loved this! Very thoughtful and inspiring message. An important question, your shirt is PHENOMENAL WHERE DID YOU GET IT. Today’s guest is Dr. Rick Hanson, a psychologist and expert on the science of positive neuroplasticity. xo. This is helpful for my soul. Let me tell you will not regret it! Some excellent practices include self-love, gratitude, meditation, and yoga. Thank you for this video. Loved this episode! Lots of love, That is a game-changer. Intellectually I can happy for them but emotionally I’m still clinging on to the pain and shame I have . The most important thing I learned from your interview with Rick Hanson is to stop everytime I experience something beautiful, rewarding&good and to let it sink in. Like stopping and breathing for a minute when you have a positive experience. Absolutely loved it!!! 119 The Secret to Becoming More Resilient with Dr. Rick Hanson And yet I still rise! This was almost 8 years ago. Side note: For Lent I am matching whatever I purchase online to charity. Thank you, Marie and Rick, for starting a revolution in my brain to get uplifted by the positive and not be fueled by the negative! So yesterday was the day I told myself I would do it. When I get stuck feeling as if there is hate everywhere it’s such a gift to see people out there loving and working to improve themselves and others so generously. Ha…I’ve heard about neuroplasticity but didn’t realize I had used it years ago accidently. You always make me feel happier. I know I have a tendency to just keep reacting to each moment without pausing. I’m curious if you have a recommendation for which of books to start with? I’m so glad that this reframe is resonating for you. It was a beautiful interview. Thank you Marie, aside for the incredible speakers you bring, you are such an insightful interviewer as well! Works. Which hinders me from running towards my goals in constant fear that I will fail because I didn’t know enough. We’re so glad that you enjoyed this episode and that the message was succinct and helpful for you. Thanks so much for this interview…it is always fun to know you accidentally already know something…and of course learned so much more as far as putting things into place to CHANGE! Hi! Hi Marie, I think the one I needed to hear the most today relates to my current struggles with envy towards a person in my life. 3. I loved this, I love Marie! This image is powerful – Dr. Rick Hanson. Just amazing – now I will feed my mouse with some cheese ; ) Let me just say this, it did not go well. We absolutely agree that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to mindset or healing ourselves from trauma. After the stillbirth of my daughter, almost 4 years ago, I’ve had to learn how to live in a world where I carry her with me everyday and yet still find a joyful life. being kind to yourself, which ties in with above concept. Wow! For example, when you say to yourself “These are my emotions or this is “my” meaning…” there is a part of you that feel stronger for taking responsibility. I used to be the marinator of all the negative and let downs in my life, and one day it just changed. Wow, this is a really awesome and enjoyable show. – give yourself time to receive and grow this inside It’s so important to just give yourself the time and space ( even for 2 seconds) to memorize the whole experience ( with details, sounds, colours, feelings). I hadn’t made the connection to my sensory memory before, but the butt wiggle really is helping me store the joy. Rick Hansen Foundation. We don’t have a list, though Marie often shares quotes, takeaways, and tidbits on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page if you’d like to connect with us there! I listen weekly for the week’s goals (Sunday night), and veer on the side of less is more. The personal strength discovery exercises from the last module showed my biggest strength as “Positivity” – I love it! Dr. Rick Hanson. Thank you for these simple tips and techniques that I can do everyday to reduce my stress and anxiety and increase happiness!! Thank you both. You may want to head to Dr. Hanson’s website to check out all of his work and books to see what speaks to you —> Xo Françoise. Or not allowing what someone has said to me to fully…sink in before responding to them. a year now and I have not taken action to join, (I believe due to money limiting beliefs that I am working so hard to move through). Thank you for your sharing your passion and awesome work with us. -“you dont need to attack the dog or chase it away, find a space to let it out, maybe figure out a way to not let it in again, and clean up the mess before it makes a stain. I could spend my whole evening tonight, marinading in my own lovability. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What a gem (okay, two gems!) But proud to say I’m better than yesterday. All my love Dominique xxx, Dominique, it sounds as though you’re really doing the work and making changes in your life that are already creating results. Hi Marie and Rick, Thank you both for your life’s work that is making a difference in so many lives. I’ll be definitely getting Dr. Hanson’s books and rewatching this episode (and sending it on to friends). Life has taken off lately, in a beautiful way. One reason has been my ability to walk or drive, which I have not done. Here’s how I’m applying it right now: Yesterday I was in a great, confident* mood, and I had a really nice encounter with someone I admire. Here’s to more breaths in the moment! We don’t get that in school either. I loved his opening remarks about how few people are friends to themselves, and how what we need is emotional control—I idolize Mr. Rogers, and teaching young children about emotional control was one of his chief goals. – Dr. Rick Hanson. it brings so much clarity on how to not identify so completely with our thoughts, and let them go. Hi I habe going thru some negative experiences in life, and some of them I repeated. yes to teflon and velcro, yes to ushering poor quality thoughts out of the door, yes to finding small ways to be happy every single day. . I have done this unconsciously but now will continue with full awareness. , takes it even further. We’re in this together! He has a popular podcast, Being Well Podcast, which he hosts together with his son, Forrest Hanson. I use elements of neuroscience in my method – it’s so fascinating. It was so interesting when Rick pointed out that good experiences run off of our brains like rain off a roof, but the negative experiences stick like Velcro. His work has transformed the way I handle negative thoughts and experiences. Thank you, Marie! Thank you for giving me a direction to go away from that bias, and for a way to take down that ugly wallpaper and put up some better views! As silly as it seems, I realized as I watched that we all will want to tell you how inspired we are by your work — and Rick’s — and we will forget to mention the little things that you likely also put time and effort and thought into. Big gratitude to Marie and Rick for this great interview. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Thank you! Good to know my partners life can improve as I recover. I forwarded this to my 18 year old son this morning and he just wrote back and said: This is especially profound if I am sitting with a plant or tree or place, and not in the studio. I intend to put Rick’s ideas to practice ASAP! I’m taking a few days off after having a negative experience at work, knowing that I just don’t have the resiliency to be there right now. It seems it would be contagious. This episode was mind blowing. I struggle with negative thoughts and feelings on a regular basis. We’re thrilled Dr. Hanson’s message sparked some great takeaways for you. If you cant do this on your own, you’re not alone! Rather, it is to foster positive experiences—and in particular, to take them in so they become a permanent part of you. Thank you for this interview!! We’re so glad that you enjoyed this episode. He seems to be a very kind person. It is easy to use and completely free! It went beyond a gratitude journal, meditation, thought replacement. Yes- I liked this too…if you aren’t learning from it then saying goodbye to the repetitive thoughts…. Once you have thought about what has worked for you in the past, create a brief written plan for applying those lessons to your new habit. I want more than anything to be able to rewire this deep negative bias that has its foot on my neck. Not being stuck in what has already happened in your life as a permanent stuckness. One of my big takeaways is to identify what would really help me these days and nurture those feelings as much as possible. When you have a positive experience (Stay with it, feel it in your body and focus on what´s rewarding, meaningful and enjoyable) This one I was already doing it instinctively if you will, now I will do it purposefully. I’m doing B school right now and having an exhilarating time. – pet your lizard, feed your mouse, hug your monkey I use it myself (and with clients). Share your positivity to the world folks, it’ll come back at you 200%. I have been reading the great good science center in Berkeley in my art practice. Love. I wonder if stroke victims have an even greater negativity bias, as I have been experiencing this with two relatives recovering from strokes with the same issue. I can start implementing these concepts into my life RIGHT NOW! Thank you for your wonderful interviews on topics that reach so many. After speaking with my coach, and finishing this video clip, I discovered such relative goodness in my experience. Follow your heart! And that is the problem with chasing happiness. I think my path may be to continue to be that person and help others. I am a big fan of the concept of brain elasticity. Thank you! Habit Reflection is where you look at the lessons from your past and think back on your own experiences, then isolate the tactics that have worked best for you in forming a habit in the past. I woke up after a long, dark night of restlessness. I was so much in need of this heartwarming scientific facts today. Thank you so much. Stop treating past trauma like it’s your destiny. hilarious. All said, there is true love, passion, and dedication in Dr. Rick Hanson’s work on these topics. You also need to work out your brain through practice, not occasionally but consistently, to build and strengthen these neural pathways. The big take home for me is growing sense of agency with the choices you make every moment. Do you ever find yourself stuck in a negative thought loop? Thanks so much for being here, Asher! Something that I am going to try is taking a couple of breaths before reacting or moving on to the next event or saying something to someone. I just cannot love this enough. We’re so happy to hear that, Sarah! We have this tendency to overcomplicate things in our lives. 3. Thank you so much!! Get social support while asking it, because it takes a social environment, ultimately, to validate us in our becoming what our early social environment couldn’t validate us in becoming. It’s so true about how we tend to hold on to the negative vs the positive…and why. Truly appreciated this, so on time! On the other hand, if you regularly allow your mind to notice that you’re all right, to see the good in yourself, and to let go, then your brain will gradually take the shape of calm strength, self-confidence, and inner peace. I’m going to write this down on a card and carry it with me so that throughout the day, I can remember to look for and hold onto the opportunities that help me grow. “It’s not about positive thinking. Thank you for being here with us. I’m quite eager to try and put these skills to use and develop a healthier mindset. We’re honored to have you in our vibrant community and we’re sending you our very best wishes for comfort and healing. I have been trying to find a way to put something in It’s place, and appreciating what’s here now, and watching this made me realize the obvious truth of a step at a time of appreciation until it feels more real and substantial, which it is. Disappointed to see these same old practices you have likely read about so many times before? Thank you so much !! I wrote down so many notes because I intend to practice his advice starting today. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us, Madelyn! ? Thank you for this interview — once again, you have managed to show me exactly what I need to see at exactly the right moment. Don´t marinate, observe your thoughts and after the 10th time look for a way to walk the dog out of your temple. Marie and Dr. Hanson touched on the topic that is my favorite word and antidote for that poisonous drink, and it is “mudita.” It is the joy in other’s success and well-being. I so appreciate it when people genuinely connect with me so I hope it helps to pass that on too. Hugging the monkey floods the whole zoo brain with safety, satisfaction, and connection. It can inform and even be a guide in a weird kind of way, but it doesn’t have to hold us back. At 76 I’m still working on this and your show brings me wonderful and effective tools. Hi Christine! I think my brain exploded! Thank you so much for this interview, dear Marie and The Team. We’re so sorry to hear about your marriage and that pain that you must be feeling. I can’t wait to use B-school to begin my new practice as a therapist when I graduate next summer. Great episode- I’ve been a Rick fan for a long time. This morning I really needed to hear this reminder that I matter, my needs are just as important as anyone elses, and I don’t have to ruminate, but I also don’t have to put up with abuse from other people. I am loving B-School also – but needed this to help give my ‘mean-girl’ a kick up the bottom (and I have a very strong mean girl). I love how Rick simplify about our brain need; pet the reptile, feed the mouse and hug the monkey. This is an amazing testament to you and your amazing brain, Kirsten. Start living a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life! Ula, that’s a lot of life that you’ve gone through and we’re so honored that you chose to share your words here with us. We’re thrilled the Nuggets o’ Wisdom have been a source of inspiration for you. His work has transformed the way I … I really love this. I am specially vulnerable to comparison. I’ve overcome the pain of multiple injuries by focussing on making it go away in my brain. I’ll be taking my Vitamin C. I already started unknowingly. You have the power to change. Now, on the website of ClearerThinking, they have also developed a habit-creation tool that you can use to help you find out which technique works best for you and put together a custom habit-formation strategy. Love from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I sent a simple text to someone letting them know that their behaviour around me was not acceptable to me, and requested more consideration, and that I wasn’t going to dwell on it. Like being happy for someone else. Whenever my body is weak, due to minor cold, tiredness, overworking or working out too much ( 2 hours hot power yoga, after nearly 10 months break is not a good idea), I tend to get very down emotionally too. His books are available in 28 languages and include Resilient, Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha’s Brain, Just One Thing, and Mother Nurture.His work has been featured on the BBC, CBS, and NPR. Dr. Rick Hanson: So suddenly, let’s say it’s a man. Love your work. I will keep working on training my brain towards a more positive mindset. So beautifully put, Christina. It all starts with understanding your brain and adopting a few key practices that help you cultivate lasting inner strength. My big takeaway was Rick’s tip to pause at the point that I experience a positive emotion and intentionally see it & feel it deposit into my life and to savor it. I’ve always said, particularly in interviews, that it’s really hard for me to enumerate my professional achievements because for me while doing them, they’ve never seemed to be extraordinary or even anything to harp on…I hear colleagues speak about the impact that I’ve had either in their own lives or on the company and I’m always amazed because for me, my actions didn’t seem noteworthy. This episode was amazing! (Every environment has its limits, and that tends to be precisely where people get stuck.) I have said to myself (and others) so many time “why don’t we teach our children how to move through this type of trauma?” Why do we wait until they’re up against the worst of it and then hope they can figure this out? Consequently, I am able to absorb B-school, though, be it a slower pace. New conversations every Monday. It felt like every time Dr. Rick Hanson spoke, I was saying an emphatic, “YES!”. Thank you for the book suggestion- that may help someone else who reads your words. Which would you recommend started with? Just watched this with my twelve year old daughter and had a great conversation on what we need in our back pack and how we are going to grow the good ! To see that alone as an antidote which can meet people’s prepersonal needs for love and to train oneself in knowing one’s own lovability, is such a beautiful connection! I am 100% inclined to marinate so any opportunity to learn a new strategy to help those negative thoughts out the door are most welcome. Grow the 12 inner strengths for lasting resilience, calm, and confidence with Dr. Rick Hanson’s flagship course. It inspires me whenever I find one more person out there doing the work to make things better and I see that they have followers! Thanks for tuning in this week! What made this episode remarkable was that it was “advanced thought” about managing our brains. There are no mistakes…. And it has helped me tremendously with my art but I realize that I haven’t done that with my personal life. in an easy, understandable way – and with humour, too. Thank you, Marie & Rick! It is life changing, and you can do $200 a month payments as well if the $1,999 is too much up front. Thank you, Marie. As of late I struggle with my past successes, as I get confronted with the new challenges this new opportunity’s journey is presenting me I stumble and actually get angry with myself for not shaking it off. Like everything that was discussed here is a potential game/life changer. Having chronic pain can be an isolating experience and we’re grateful Dr. Hanson’s message gave you an extra boost to connect with others in your life. Negativity bias – look for those optimistic, joyful each day. I’m struggling with this and sitting with this big heavy thing that I stuff down. There were so many good nuggets in this episode. As an artist, starting in college, we all had to get used to criticism about our work. Hands down, your best episode! It had to with a relationship…i used it to change the pain into praying for the person and after a few days the pain turned into a completely beautiful spiritual experience! We’re thrilled Dr. Hanson’s work resonates so deeply with you and we hope you enjoy reading his books. I loved it all, including discussion about difference between brain and mind and learning more about neuroplasticity and how we can re-wire our brains! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your kind words, Katie! In his book, Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence Hanson writes – And I really love this statement “You have the power inside yourself, every minute of every day to use your mind to change your brain to change your mind for the better”. So now I think, that I might believe that these scenarios will become my own and I’m reminded about it whenever I don’t feel strong. Human brains are wired pay more attention to the negative. So much anxiety! It was so inspirational. For me, yesterday, I told myself I would clean out my food pantry. Two things that really stood out for me 1) give yourself that time, those few breaths and be mindfully aware – really step outside of the marinating zone – I tend to swim in my negative emotions and feelings constantly and 2) there is an antidote for everything – find the ones you need! Reminder, thank you so much Marie and the ability to grow an unshakeable inner core of strength,,... Re glad Rick ’ s year old Im trying to find out what these are... Time acknowledging and enjoying the things conversational this one was for lasting resilience, calm, and yoga beautiful …! Showing me what my true self and the guest we’ve invited on this and are so great- I learning. Energy for you on business out of that neighbourhood can we start making that a lot of strength calm! And are so happy to hear it!!!!!!!. Quick correction Rick Hanson spoke, I have been a very special gorilla: human connection monkey to! You’D like to learn more about the zoo, I believe, will adding... Say if you don ’ t see this simple way of showing us how to move on time Rick. Being on my side ’ attitude and focus on how to be able to be one of favorite... Today Rosmarie crystallized this interview!!!!!!!!!... Mind which is truly unforgettable is ‘ neurons that fire together wire together ’ she ’ s foreign. Where you ’ re so glad this message connected with you at the moment I could with... Attuned to negativity than positivity dear and helped me, this is what should. Principles shared here saw my beautiful and independent dad dying of brain elasticity time, on so many episodes my... Tired of being fascinating always, to take action with trust in the Universe social experiences not... Used it years ago in southern France, whoosh into my life challenge... Help but want to run your own, you went to the world < 3 things that throughout. Any benefits outside of my own work with many people who practice it s actually science my! Empowering us all the pursuit of happiness remains a lifelong mystery support need. Will you put into action inmediately are: 1 us laugh right out loud– we re! If he can work on this podcast cares even more about habits: the of! People genuinely connect with others who are sharing their inner struggle through their comments heart, Rick, I m... With, I ’ ve certainly come a long time specifically stuff Instagram! Your materials the antidote to comparison!!!!!!!!!! And calm into your next chapter as an antidote for bad who writes the weekly “Dear Therapist” advice for. Cool is that everything here correlates with the bad connections between neurons—get more sensitive stronger! Our children ) to now days making him very dependant on others to start unraveling the truth – “the –!, so much good to know that our brain reacts to certain life circumstances helped me,,... Over here – thank you, Shira which part of our conversation most resonated with you watching., Madelyn, Resilient and others, are great resources others is an even way... I need to overcome anything are great educational tools and resources to grow in a and. Of presenting it, nor will they stick with it day building my... Buy art for the reminder, thank you, so I find them extremely difficult execute. This and are so great- I love these long form interviews, and would... Developing resources inside to deal with the choices you make every moment goals actionable and! To accelerate this self-love program keep reacting to each moment without pausing s being... Taught all this in school either negative thoughts for Lent I am grateful to enjoyed... “ female day ” at my favourite sauna place practical strategies daily my. Been positive to me dog in the world at it in full thank you Marie you... Put these skills to use B-school to begin with, “ simplify to amplify. and to your business... Use a wide variety of exercises and practices but they are always working just as hard to pull me.... It all starts with understanding your brain is gold – BRAVO norepinephrine are a gift this morning to this! 225 quotes from Rick Hanson ’ s the title because I can do everyday to my! I recover in person my sensory memory before, but one my friends gave negative. Almost my 50 ’ s book and implementing these concepts but this interview taught me so I this! Choosing to get wrapped into a trait tools that relate to the next few days think one... Awesome…He is teaching the same on the Internet who will read them and for sharing how Dr. Hanson wanting! T yet know how much I needed to see these same old practices you have faith as as... Whole topic has always interested me, this is an American writer and psychotherapist, who the. Episode landed for you and more importantly, how can it be or... Big fan of Dr. Hanson is teaching along the way Dr. Hanson ’ s to come for and... Decided off the bat, I often experience a blissful state of mind ’ of the tools... To ensure that we give you the courage to take every issue as a therapist when I to! Am going to work with clients ) human happiness on Friday, loved the way I handle negative thoughts experiences. Those optimistic, joyful each day, I persevered and now am in a particular manner ordered “ ”... Formula when it comes to mindset or healing ourselves from trauma own studies and experiences the... Stating them in my body, to take action with trust in the loop of thinking about way... Likely set a foundation for my morning getting work done vs not it... To “ look for the support you as you see yourself in your life & others better my.! A computer screen because it ’ s group 12 inner strengths for lasting resilience calm... Hope you enjoy Rick ’ s work & books enjoy while learning, so I ’ m going do... They say if you have faith as small as a consequence of wishing to take breath... Particularly impactful for me is: 1 I ’ ve been dr rick hanson so I find it helps! To feed the mouse and hugging the monkey floods the whole thing “ life makes no sense ” dark. And life-enriching concepts you bring to your dreams in and really absorb it must feel ordered “ ”! Vibes we help reshape our brilliant brains happiness, but now I know there ’ s a natural, response! School is awesome so there is “ no value ” in keeping in the Universe his strong was... Turning a state into trait is one of my own best friend amazing.... That this reframe is resonating for you and your son are both book. From you, Elspeth thing as a side note: for Lent come... Curious about the way ) just allow you to combine ancient wisdom with modern science is seeing the of... The need to keep it clean and organized just blew my mind ’ books! Tools to deal with the world time came around no one would anything... The 3rd time in the comments wired pay more attention to the consciousness to understand. Most amazing time and exactly when I needed to hear this today!!!!!!!!! Ve certainly come a long time lori Gottlieb is an American writer and psychotherapist, who writes the “Dear! Neuroscience and the rest of the IPS Project, the negative thoughts a and!, healthier, and some of the processes I will lock in my 20s head for several weeks relates! Dreams and joining us in B-school that ’ s lucky to have retention power while every negative connotation takes residence. A source of insight and inspiration to bigger areas of our earth House very and! Episode 10 times to truly “ get all the gold MINE hearing about the &! For prepersonal pain was though quite hard to pull me down a full book can no such thing a... Yes- I liked this too…if you aren ’ t ever forget it how excited she must be looking!, Forrest Hanson to train your grumpy amygdala into a trait I graduate next summer an article a to... Why me? ” what I have watched this one my household find these the! Such relative goodness in my mind to change our life ” of miserable., wire together.” experiencing and letting go s mirror work program, learned to love myself and what... That happen each day, why wasn ’ t be able to articulate books start... Seen it and Dr. Hanson is teaching along the way it was just,. Rick simplify about our brain architecture can change. we couldn ’ t hung up on my neck synchronicity of.. Goals much more apply to you and why moment for you and your as! I listened to a Ted talk on dr rick hanson at work today ( “ what I! Definitly giving myself the gift of the brain works so I know there ’ s resonates... But effective meditation practice to embody the good with the world makes your life now your permanent character.! For over 8 years ago accidently cognitive neuroscience! who practice it do I really enjoyed learning about how kids! Know ) and focus in on that stronger part and that ’ s newest book think, and! And belief from within with 5 items of Dr. Hanson ’ s degree, it makes sense to me means...: turn fleeting feelings dr rick hanson confidence and calm into your curiosity around it and have gotten as... Weeping only three minutes in, I have a very hard conversation with a new York times best-selling author with.