Modern: 2020 Magic Online Champions Showcase #1: 29/11/20: Standard: SCG Tour Online - Satellite #3 @ Star City Games: 28/11/20: Standard: SCG Tour Online - Satellite #6 @ Star City Games: 28/11/20: Standard: SCG Tour Online - Satellite #1 @ Star City Games: 27/11/20: Standard: SCG Tour Online - Satellite #2 @ Star City Games: 27/11/20 : Vintage: MTGO Vintage Challenge: 23/11/20: … Today we are further exploring Teferi, Time Raveler in modern! Core Creatures. It has quite a reputation. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. (59 cards, 24 distinct) - Marsh Flats, Polluted Delta, Flooded Strand, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Thoughtseize, Eiganjo Castle, Watery Grave 0. I will explain all the card choice and some cards that could be included. This is a 60 card, elite esper midrange deck. This comes on top of being able to play additional discard and counterspells, and it's a recipe for success. Amalek0 Posts: 64 Joined: 1 year ago Pronoun: he / him Has thanked: 1 time Been thanked: 17 times. Regards. Modern; Podcasts. today I will talk you about my favourite deck in Modern: Esper Stoneblade, with a decklist created and tuned by myself. Early Disruption. Are you going to give a shot to this deck? ARCHETYPE ANALYSIS . This is the thread to discuss the Esper Midrange archetype in Modern. HARERUYA - Daily Tournaments. Vito. Recent Posts See All. Together, those three colors can shut down the opponent … Format: Standard. Modern Decks Standard Decks Submit a Deck Search Decks. Over-Extended/Modern Since 2010. Soulflayer could get hexproof with a Geist of Saint Traft in the graveyard. By Zach Allen / April 13, 2019 October 10, 2019. Tasigur, the Golden Fang and (if we play enough black lands) Soulflayer gives some possibilities for high toughness goyf-style cards in an Esper Midrange deck. The goal is to cause significant hand disruption on turns 1-2 with cards like Duress and Thought Erasure. The information presented on this site about Magic: The Gathering, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. Format: Standard. My initial reaction is that the Sultai Midrange matchup can be a difficult one and that could be a problem moving forward. Hello! (59 cards, 24 distinct) - Marsh Flats, Polluted Delta, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Flooded Strand, Thoughtseize, Eiganjo Castle, Watery Grave I pre-registered for the event a few weeks earlier when I felt strongly about the Big Zoo deck I had been testing in Modern, ... listed as “Esper Control”, and yes, it does have a few counterspells packed in, I’d be inclined to call it “Esper Midrange” or “Esper Tokens” because that army of Gideons can get aggressive very quickly. Description. These guidelines, by the way, are useful for all midrange decks. P.s. Creature (15) 4 Matter Reshaper 4 Reality Smasher 4 Thought-Knot Seer 1 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger … Modern Esper Midrange decklists Rank Name Colors Event Players Date Singularity Price(*) Top8 Players: Rogue — By Tamura Hideo HARERUYA - Daily Tournaments. Primer & Guides; 562 views. Magic: The Gathering Net Decks, Metagame analysis, Legacy, Modern, Vintage, Standard, Extended and Block Decks, Deckcheck, RSS-Feed and more Feel free to follow me on Facebook! Mono Red Blitz Primer [Pioneer] 986 Write a comment. There are no videos of this archetype currently available. Esper Midrange by Ken Yukuhiro. Modern Cube; Esper Midrange. Modern Challenge #12049241 on 12/21/2019 . Elite Esper Midrange Deck - White Blue Black - Very Powerful - Modern & Pioneer Legal - Custom Built - Magic The Gathering - MTG - 60 Card! Aside from the obvious fact that this deck feels like two decks in one, it happens to have a lot going for it. In Modern, the most prominent midrange decks still adhere to the black-green base, but no color combination is off limits to Standard brewers. This deck is remarkable powerful with powerful draw effects, removal, counter effects, and much more. They both survive Lightning Bolt and Abrupt Decay, so pretty resilient. Magic: The Gathering's Modern format is home to a dazzling variety of decks, from Esper control builds to the Jund midrange deck and even a deck based on the Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle land card. Its current price is around 504$. The first fact is that it's able to play some of the best aggressive cards and some of the best high end cards in its colors. Lands (25) 4 Flooded Strand 3 Polluted Delta 2 Hallowed Fountain 1 Watery Grave 1 Godless Shrine 3 Island 2 Plains 1 Swamp 4 Celestial Colonnade 4 Field of Ruin Creatures (4) 4 Snapcaster Mage Spells (31) 3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor 1 Elspeth, Sun`s Champion 2 Search for Azcanta 4 Path to Exile 2 Fatal Push 2 Spell Snare 2 Mana Leak 2 Logic Knot 1 Esper … 8. Modern Horizons Singles Sealed Product. 26 … The idea started with a little spark provided by Sam Black. This deck is remarkable powerful with powerful draw effects, removal, counter effects, and much more. My name is spelled wrong. If you’re looking for inspiration for a brew, Sam’s content is a fantastic place to start. Post by Amalek0 » 1 year ago. Videos of Esper Midrange. Modern Esper Control. Across the Table; Ancestral Recall; Crazy Talk; Heavy Meta; HypeClub; Pairings; PTI; SVU Fancast ; The Eh Team; The Smooth Brothas; Durdling Around; Esper Midrange in Standard with Daniel Fournier. Arena Athletes; Commander Cookout; First Strike; Table for 2; Top 8 Magic; Inactive. This is because, perhaps more so than aggro or control, midrange decks are characterized by the cards available to them in the format. Reviving Esper Control in Modern: 2nd Place at SCG Cleveland. Modern Legacy Contact About Esper Midrange 26 LANDS 3 Choked Estuary 4 Evolving Wilds 3 Forest 4 Hissing Quagmire 2 Island 2 Lumbering Falls 4 Sunken Hollow 4 Swamp 14 CREATURES 2 Den Protector 1 Dragonlord Silumgar 1 Emrakul, the Promised End 1 Ishkanah, Grafwidow 4 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy 1 Nissa, Vastwood Seer 4 Sylvan Advocate 12 INSTANTS and SORC. Meanwhile, Esper control is just that: a bog-standard control deck with white, blue and black cards. Average Build: The average build takes the average number of cards over recent builds of this archetype. He played an Esper Planeswalkers list at the SCG Regionals early in March, and by his account it wasn’t super successful. One of the best synergies is with Spell Queller. 6. esper midrange pauper standard war of the spark. Modern Esper, take one. What do you think about? We have collected the top Esper Midrange Modern decks from the latest tournaments. First of all: don't die! No good synergy with Dark Confidant though. Posted December 2, 2016 by Abdullah Elhawary in Nerdy Bits. Rakdos Midrange Rakdos Midrange Rakdos Midrange: Borjillamtg10: 401 tix $ 689 - 5 - 0 WU WU WU: meanfannypack: 492 tix $ 744 - 5 - 0 Temur Uro Temur Uro Temur Uro: Usama96: 904 tix $ 1,218 - 5 - 0 WU WU WU: TSPJendrek: 539 tix $ 794 - Modern Mayhem: 10 Rack (Modern, Magic Online), May 13, 2019 Modern Mayhem: Esper Control (Modern, Magic Online), May 6, 2019 Modern Mayhem: Sultai Midrange (Modern, Magic Online), Apr 15, 2019 Modern Mayhem: Selesnya Prison (Modern, Magic Online), Apr 9, 2019 Modern Mayhem: Dimir Faeries (Modern, Magic Online), Mar 25, 2019 Esper Midrange Standard Pauper by SBMTGDev. Other decks try to build up their creatures into unstoppable monsters, and one such deck is Death's Shadow, named after the Worldwake rare card.. Latest Set: War of the Spark. Gruul Midrange: 0.57%: 136 $668 $459 Lands: 0.56%: 132 $672 $288 Mardu Death's Shadow: 0.54%: 128 $657 $249 Snow Control: 0.53%: 126 $1085 $641 Neobrand: 0.52%: 124 $383 $130 The Rock: 0.50%: 119 $885 $271 Sultai Control: 0.49%: 115 $1231 $790 Saheeli Combo: 0.48%: 114 $959 $571 Restore Balance: 0.48%: 113 $606 $283 Gruul Aggro: 0.46%: 108 $593 $180 Elementals: 0.45%: 107 … This is what I'm going to run tonight at FNM. Last Modified On: 2/19/2019 17th-32nd place at Magicfest Memphis 2019. Archetypes 4c Control 6 Aluren 6 Angry Hermit 11 Astral Slide 10 Balancing Tings 1 Bant 7 Bargain 4 Battle of Wits 5 BUG Control 4 Burn 84 Deadguy Ale 18 Dementia Drake 3 Devourer Combo 26 Doomsday 5 Elves 17 Enchantress 34 Enduring Renewal 1 Esper Control 8 Esper Midrange 2 Fires 9 Fluctuator 4 Full English Breakfast 26 Goblins 61 Grixis Control 1 Gro-A-Tog 10 GW Aggro 1 Intruder … Dillon Matthew Baca, "Matt", is a Magic: the Gathering Judge, Modern grinder, and the president of MTGDreamTeam.He has been playing Magic on-and-off since Onslaught, joining the competitive scene in Innistrad Block. Modern Decks Standard Decks Submit a Deck Search Decks. esper midrange ken yukuhiro standard. Sort by: Planeswalker (5) 4 Karn, the Great Creator 1 Ugin, the Ineffable. With this color mix, you've access to a lot of card that let you to stay alive. The Esper Midrange shell ft Mentor does not work out, as long as there is so much removal (tested it). Latest Set: Ravnica Allegiance. Decklist Stats Sample Hand. Behold, Esper Control in Modern. Modern has been around for years, and is a format ruled by efficiency. (Esper Midrange is also known as Rogue). Expand Signature. Matt enjoys brewing control shells and toolbox midrange lists. Ps. Average Deck Value: $286.30. This auction is for a 60 card, elite esper midrange deck. Consequently, all the best decks – whether they are aggro, combo, midrange or control – can’t afford to be too clunky. View All Sets → Card Search → ... Esper Midrange vs. RW Devotion, Match 2. A healthy variety of decks and archetypes make up the Modern format in Magic: The Gathering, and decks such as Naya Zoo represent aggro, while the Jund deck represents how midrange strategies are done. #modern #MTG #esper #Mentor #MTGMentor #Stoneblade #Stoneforge #Mystic #Jace. This deck really reminds me of Modern Humans with the vast array of abilities at its disposal from its creatures.