Giant Mekong Catfish (Pangasianodon gigas) Ecological Risk Screening Summary U.S. In 2005, a behemoth Mekong giant catfish, weighing in at a scale-tipping 646 pounds (293 kilograms) was caught in a remote village in Thailand near the Mekong River. Freshwater Fish Species Of Thailand. Join Wild Chronicles along the Mekong River in Cambodia where National Geographic Emerging Explorer Zeb Hogan races against time to save the critically endangered giant catfish. The Mekong River Catfish is one of the largest freshwater fish on the planet. Natural Food Source . Giant Mekong Catfish. International trade in it has been banned by CITES since 1975. Though abundant in the early 1900s, their population in the wild has decreased by more than 80 percent since 1990. Experts believe that this monster Mekong giant catfish is not only the largest catfish ever caught in the world, but the largest freshwater fish ever recorded. comm. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. See the sources for this fact-check. In the Mekong River Basin, the Mekong giant catfish is a model species for promotion of cooperation at the international level because: 1. It is certainly one of the most popular fish species in Thailand. Among the most fearsome of all freshwater predators, the "Goonch" Catfish of the genus Bagarius have long been sought after by aquarium fish keepers with enormous tanks and a love for monster fish. Once found along the course of the river, stretching from Vietnam to China, this giant fish now inhabits the waters basin," says Hogan. Southeast Asia’s Mekong giant catfish (Pangasianodon gigas) is the world’s largest freshwater fish, with the biggest among them weighing an … In 2005, a colossal 9-foot (2.7m), 645-pound (293kg), car-sized specimen was caught in northern Thailand and was recorded as the largest freshwater catch. It was described by Eduard Rüppell in 1837, originally under the genus Bagrus. Common name: Mekong Giant Catfish Scientific name: Pangasianodon gigas It is one of the largest freshwater fish worldwide growing to max size of 300 kg +. "The giant catfish is one of the most vulnerable species in the Mekong River. The fish is migratory, transboundary, and endemic to the Mekong River. Firstly Mekong catfish have enormous growth rates and secondly very hard fighting power. The Mekong giant catfish is the largest freshwater fish, a species endemic to the Mekong River that migrates huge distances to spawn. Wels Catfish is second large species of catfish, found in the basins of the Caspian Sea in eastern Europe. 2. The Giant Mekong Catfish is a day-active species who prefers to stay in deeper areas of the river except in nighttime, when he comes closer to the surface and the riverbanks. The catfish weighed in at 736 lbs. Since 1967 Giant Catfish are bred in Thailand in reservoirs or aquariums. The Giant mekong catfish is critically endangered in his natural habitat of the Mekong river. It can be found in the Mekong River Delta, in Laos and Cambodia. Giant Mekong Catfish are big river fish native to the Mekong basin. In 2010, populations of the Mekong giant catfish had dropped 90% in the last decade. The Mekong giant catfish is considered among the world’s most threatened catfish species due to dam construction and habitat degradation along the Mekong … While the giant Mekong catfish is critically endangered due to over-exploitation, this massive catfish is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Belonging to the shark catfish family, this underwater giant is endemic to Southeast Asia’s Mekong basin. Mekong Catfish Fishing Rod: Ugly Stik GX2 Medium-Heavy; Mekong Catfish Fishing Reel: Penn Fierce size 6000; Overview. Scientists estimate that the total population of Mekong giant catfish has decreased by around 90% in the last decade, with potentially only a few 100 individuals remaining. To raise awareness about the fish's plight a local wildlife NGO, Save Cambodia's The Mekong giant catfish, Latin name Pangasianodon gigas or in Thai ปลาบึก (plaa buek) is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Giant Mekong catfish, which can grow up to 650 pounds, are native to the Mekong River in Southeast Asia and have never been seen in the United States. Weighing in at more than 600 pounds, these behemoths may be the world's largest freshwater fish.