Don't panic, there are solid steps you can take to fix the software-related issues so you can charge your phone again and turn it on. Your iPhone may fail to charge if you are using the wrong charging cable or adapter or if the charging port on the device is dirty or damaged. I finally saw a link to Charge 2 compatible devices and the newest model listed was the iPhone … If the hard reset doesn't work, read on to get the effective fix. There's been no apparent warning and you can't see any problem, but it won't go in all the way and click into place. Check "Standard Mode" option, and click the Confirm button. First, start off with checking the charging cable and USB adapter for damage. When i got up it is black screened and will not power on. Shutdown and Power Back On Secondly, I tried to shutdown the device. Press the Start button, and continue to click the Fix button. I finally saw a link to Charge 2 compatible devices and the newest model listed was the iPhone … Solved: iPhone X/XR/XS Won’t Turn On Problem. No charging, the iPhone XR was unresponsive. Force restart the device while it's charging: Your iPhone XR will no longer has the issue with charging. If your phone still won't charge or power on, take your device, charging cable and adapter to the local Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for evaluation. Removing them and also carefully cleaning the lightning pin on the charging cable with a dry cloth will solve the problem. Apple changed the way to make emergency calls starting with the iPhone X ($900 at Boost Mobile) and iPhone 8 ($600 at Boost Mobile). So make sure to use the cable and charger that's MFi (Made For iPhone) certified, to charge the device. The good news is that while the solutions differ slightly depending on your iPhone model, usually the causes are more or less the same. I got the new iPhone XR and I have read every message about how to disconnect from the old phone and reboot it, etc. Some people have already failed to turn on their iPhone X after purchasing it. If iPhone won’t charge when plugged in, killing all running apps and stopping media playback may help. So long as your iPhone has the Fast Charge capabilities (this includes the iPhone 8 and later) then the battery and iOS work together to ensure that it won't overheat or cause any harm. Once your iPhone X reaches 80%, its charging method switches from fast charge mode to regular charge mode to finish the full 100% charge. Try to Plug into Another Outlet. Plug into power. This is a common error-handling routine, and you can call it whenever unexpected errors occur on iPhone or iPad: Apple logo loop, restart loop, black screen of death, not turning off, etc. If it works, let your iPhone charge at least for 30 minutes via cable. iPhone Won't Charge and How To Fix It Humans and phones have become basically attached in today's modern society; you'll never find a person without their phone with them. 3. Jerry Cook; Updated on 2020-10-27 to Fix iPhone "Put my iPhone X on charger last night . and done everything I could and my new phone still won't discover it in Bluetooth. As such, our next solutions won’t have anything to do with third-party tools. The first two are self-explanatory. Next, drag all app cards up. The first and foremost thing to do when the iPhone XR screen won't turn on is to plug it in the charger. It seems that the fault causing iPhone XR not charging at all, charging slowly, charging only up to a certain point, charging intermittently, is with the software bugs. I pressed and held the Side Button together with one of the Volume buttons. The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. If charging issues are due to software glitches, then updating your device might fix the problem in most cases. You'll find the useful tips to easily check for the hardware issues with the charging cable, USB adapter and charging port. Put it on to charge. Check the charger by charge another iPhone XR; Connect it to a charger and restart; Keep on charging for over two hours; If the problem still exists, there might be something wrong with the logic board. If a message on iPhone says ‘Accessory isn’t supported,’ then try using an Apple Certified cable and adapter. Select the latest version of iOS firmware, and click the Next button. To force quit all apps, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold; on iPhones with Home button, quickly double press it. If you recently opened the packaging just to face a black screen of an iPhone X, here are some fixes you may want to try. So with that, you can imagine just how devastating it would be for a person if suddenly their phone wasn't charging. If you see an ‘Accessory may not be supported’ alert and your iPhone XR stops charging the battery suddenly, it's possible that your accessory, especially a third-party accessory, is not Apple-certified or defective. [You May Be Also Interested In: How to Fix iPhone XR Won't Turn On]. On an iPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Many users get excited when they buy a new iPhone. Apple has launched a new replacement program for its iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR smart battery cases. If you are trying to charge wirelessly, then stop this for now. Force restart on an iPhone XR, XS, X or 8. You need to know exactly what steps were taken with the program to fix iPhone XR that won't charge absolutely. If your iPhone Charge Won't Charge or Charge Slowly. We recommend using iOS System Recovery software to find out the potential issues and resolve them gracefully without any data being lost.