Regarding the Nuweiba crossing, there are several problems. Robinson observed that “the usual day’s march of the best appointed armies, both in ancient and modern times, is not estimated higher than fourteen English, or twelve geographical miles, and it cannot be supposed that the Israelites with women and children and flocks, would be able to accomplish more” (1977:75). 15:1-21). This is an underwater passage / channel that goes north south through the Strait. This theory is supported by Joel Richardson's experience in Saudi Arabia. Judges 11:16 and Jer. 13:3,4; 12:33f. 1:40; 2:1; 11:4; Josh. Digging For Truth Episode 90: Once More-Jericho Unearthed, A Monumental Fortification Tower & Militaria: Late Hellenistic & Early Roman Military Architecture & Equipment Discovered at Kirbet el-Maqatir, Israel, Who's Who in Biblical Archaeology: James Breasted. In his account of the history of the Jews, Josephus stated that Sinai was the highest peak in the region. Sinai is that it does not meet the Biblical criteria for the site. Exodus 13:18 and 15:4,22; Num. However, several millennia ago, the manner in which people assigned names to geological features may have been very different. In his book Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia: The True Location Revealed, Joel reveals how his conversations with local Bedouins reveals what they think about the mountain range, and "Jebel Musa" specifically. This table gives the weather forecast for Jabal al-Lawz at the specific elevation of 2580 m. Site Design and Management by: Nehemiah Communications [] & Enktesis [], Is the Bible Syncretistic Literature? 13:29). Jabal al-Lawz is technically a taller peak than Maqla, but Jabal Maqla appears to be a more favorable candidate for being the single peak where this part of the Exodus story takes place. Aharoni describes the march by Thutmose III and his army to Megiddo this way: “From Sile, the chief frontier post on the Egyptian border, the army covered the 150 miles to Gaza in nine or ten days, a very rapid pace” (1979:153). The shallow reefs do not go all the way across and the land bridge is not flat. Sinai Discovered by Ron Wyatt (More Detailed and Revealing Images below the write up.) Jabal al-Lawz. Also Christ's literal living blood, fences from Noah's farm, the Golden Censer, Goliath's sword, the graves of Korah and friends, the Table of Showbread, and the wheels of Pharaoh's chariots (Standish, pages 7-10). Kitchen has pointed out, Rameses is located in the area of Khataana / Qantar (1998:77). James Breasted, a noted Egyptologist, believes that Queen Hatshepaut’s expedition to Punt went down the Nile River to a canal through the Wadi Tumilat to a canal connecting to the Red Sea (1912:188, 274-276). In Egypt, the sea winds are from north-northwest to the south (1975:1:572). 9:9; Ps. Edward Robinson, in 1838, placed the crossing along the northern shore of the Gulf of Suez. 14:16,21,22,29) and they went through on dry land. If one measures on the nautical maps, the distance from Sinai to Saudi Arabia is eleven miles, not two. It was begun by the Egyptian Pharaoh Necho II and finished by the Persian King Darius (The Persian Wars 2:158; LCL 1:471,473). PROBLEMS WITH THE JEBEL AL-LAWZ LOCATION VIEW The biggest problem with the identification of Jebel al-Lawz as Mt. The second problem is the topography of their land bridge across the Strait of Tiran. Paul would be perfectly correct in stating Mt. The “Geological Photomap of Israel and the Adjacent Areas” shows that most of the way down the west side of the Sinai Peninsula is sand, alluvium, clay, marl and sandstone. Apparently after this incident, the Israelites turned south to Elim with its twelve springs and 70 palm trees (Ex. Jabal al-Lawz Cemetery Update Posted on March 16, 2020 | Leave a comment In northwest Saudi Arabia, a large fenced archaeological site lies 4 miles north of the base of Jabal al-Maqla, a location surmised for the biblical Mount Sinai of the Exodus. It would be a near impossible process for 2 million people to go down and up these slopes, along with their carts and wagons. Since the locusts covered “the face of the whole earth [land of Egypt]” (10:15), there would need to be a large body of water to destroy the locusts. One of the proponents acknowledges this depth, but does not seem to grasp the significance of the problem (Cornuke and Halbrook 2000:214). If Pharaoh were successful in mustering his troops in one day, they would have three days to catch up to the Israelites. Currently, no contemporary Egyptian texts support or deny this tradition” (1997:169). Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams are self-proclaimed “Adventurers of History.” This challenge will be the ultimate adventure to validate their claims that Mt. Jabal Maqla (Sinai) in the Jabal al-Lawz (Horeb) Mountain range near Al Bad, Saudi Arabia [ Explore Other Exodus Sites | Interactive Exodus Map] The Real Mount Sinai is the uniquely blackened mountain peak that is locally called Jabal Maqla (the Burned Mountain).