Even the shortcomings of the camera, including the low light autofocus and small number of autofocus points being clustered in the middle of the viewfinder, can be overcome with creative workarounds. It had the flip screen so that’s a nice feature, and something the X-Pro2 doesn’t have. I’m going to need to replace it sometime in the next year I’m guessing, and I’m doing some thinking about what I’m going to replace it with. This means you can get some cheaper older lenses and keep your hobby budget in check. So if this camera is over 5 years old, why the hell am I reviewing it?! Die Nikon D610 erweist sich im Test als gute DSLR mit Vollformat-Sensor. It just needed the shutter kink to be settled. For me, this starts with loving the camera I have, being grateful for it, and not wanting another camera. The same thing, with a slightly different shutter. But is it worth getting a Nikon D610 in 2020? Published Mar 12, 2014 | Eugene Lee, Jeff Keller , ... about a D620 release. Writing my thoughts for my D610 review, and thinking about what might be next for me, left me thinking about cameras more than I prefer to do – it triggers within me a feeling that I “need” to buy another camera. Im zwei­ten Teil mei­nes Nikon D600/D610 Reviews spre­che ich die Pro­ble­me mit dem Live-View-Modus an, sowohl im Video als auch im Foto-Bereich. Nikon D750. I have three young kids in daycare and before-and-after school care. July 2014 More Nikon Reviews Nikon Lenses All Reviews. That’s kinda crazy and very annoying. Panasonic Lumix G9 A Mirror-less Master-price in 2020 February 6, 2020. With an appropriate app (Nikon … Nikon Coolpix A Review 05 June 2013 . Nikon D810 Review – Image Quality: Nikon has rather dramatically enhanced the ISO range of the D810 over the D800, giving the new camera a huge native ISO range of 64-12,800. Die Nikon D700 ist bei Profis, die leichtes Equipment schätzen, seit Jahren beliebt. Additionally, current Nikon full-frame cameras can mount and use lenses designed for crop bodies, albeit it in a reduced resolution mode (10 MP). Ergonomics mean a lot to me, and for some reason, shooting adapted lenses seems like a less than ideal solution, although I’m sure the end product would be quite good. I have been working hard to experience a freedom from desire and want – freedom from desiring the new camera. D800 & D800E 07 February 2012. 1,200 . Email. However, if you need a camera that will be used either primarily or at least half the time as a video capture device, a better option would be a used Sony A6500 (or an A6000 or A7 if 1080p at 60 FPS is enough for you). For those cool slow-mo effects, you’ll have to slum it at 720p to get up to 60 FPS or just deal with less smooth movement at 1080p. But I could never bring myself to sell it. I don’t like this feeling! I love the D4 sensor in the camera, and the physical control knobs really give me the idea that I would be finding a permanent partner for my F-mount Nikon glass. This article was originally published here. The D500 pairs extremely well with Nikon’s 16-80mm f/2.8-4 lens, but it’s also compatible with Nikon’s extensive range of DX-format lenses. The Nikon D610 – Farewell D700. Free New Shutters! Nikon D610 vs Sony A7. I’ve had eyes for some time on the Fuji X-E3 – small, light and same sensor and processor as the previous generation flagships of the X-T2 and X-Pro2. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; I’ve even been tempted by the Nikon Z6 since its autofocus and low light performance seem quite good, and an improvement over the D610. I paired the X-T2 with the 16mm 1.4 and 23mm 2.0 and loved the results. The Nikon D610 and D810 DSLR cameras are now officially discontinued. Page 1 of 2Nikon D610 review: Still brilliant – and now 52% cheaper. Otherwise, this leaves me thinking the X-Pro3 might be a great option – I see the dura-finish options providing some additional durability over time, which is exactly what I want, and with the flip screen hidden, my roughness with my cameras and back-LCD screen bashing would be mitigated somewhat by this feature. The Nikon D700 is Nikon’s first affordable full-frame (FX) camera, with 12 megapixels and amazing low light performance. NEW: Nikon D810, D800E, D600 and D3 Sharpness Comparison. Released in 2013, the Nikon D610 can now be found on the used market for a mere £600 & considering it’s original RRP was £1800, that potentially represents incredible value. The second reason I love the Nikon D610 is the image quality. For … I used my Nikon D610 to take the last photograph of my mom before she died. The Nikon has a resolution of 24.2 megapixels, whereas the Sony provides 24 MP. Is the Nikon D600 and D610 worth something in 2020? Meike 85mm f/1.8 for Sony Full-Frame Review, FujiFilm XF10 Review and Sample Images 2020, Sony A7ii vs FujiFilm X-T2 - High ISO Noise Test, Samyang 35mm f/2.8 Vignetting and Distortion Test, Viltrox Canon EF to FujiFilm X Mount Adapter Review. Vello MB-D18 (BG-N19) Grip. The Nikon D610 is the camera the D600 should have been. ... Nikon D610 08 October 2013. So for the D610, I shoot RAW only as there are basically very few JPEG keepers, regardless of how dead-on the exposure is. Overall, this is a fantastic camera, and its reputation for excellence is well deserved. What a camera! Canon EOS 5D Mark III. If I were to pick up the Df, it would be with me for life – I couldn’t imagine ever selling that camera. As well, I want to solidify in my own mind the things I love about the camera. I was using the camera for a 365 project. I would turn to Fujifilm as the next preferred photography option. Almost every innovation in the last ten years, with the exception of moderate Autofocus improvements, has been video-related. My wife bought me the 50mm 1.4 G for Father’s Day in 2014. I had collected a few lenses with the D5200, and when I wanted to upgrade to a camera body that had more accessible external controls, the D610 … Nikon D600 versus D700 15 September 2012 . Here is one of my Landscape shot’s if you want to see more images please click here. The D600 series was already an excellent series from the start. While the improvements made over the D600 are trivial, they have made the camera that much better. Recently I saw a used D610 at a really great price and couldn’t resist picking it up. Nikon D610 2019 Video Review. So, there I was with one perfectly capable Nikon D700, and I knew I wanted 2 matching bodies… what to do? I'd expect Nikon to stick with the same release schedule: D620 in 2017, D820 in 2018, and D760 in 2019, but who knows? So once I became invested in the Nikon system, I’ve been wedded to it. The Nikon D610 and the Sony Alpha A7 are two enthusiast cameras that were announced in October 2013. Nikon D600 versus D800 15 September 2012. Assume any links on this page are either affiliate links or point to another page on this site. A big advantage of the D610 over Canon’s offerings is that it can use just about any Nikon F-mount lens going back to the 1960s. The D610 is the exact same as the D600 but with a new shutter mechanism that boosts continuous shooting and adds a 'Quiet Continuous' mode. That was 5 years ago. There are many who don’t have access to this kind of technology and equipment to further their creative photography efforts. The D610 has got a standard plastic front plate just like the D7200/ D7500. She also bought me the 35mm 1.8 ED as an early Christmas gift in 2015. amzn_assoc_title = "Buy Them Drones"; The only other upgrade is an improved auto white balance system. 1. I love the high ISO performance of the camera – there is some real magic when this 24 megapixel sensor reaches 6400 ISO. Share. By [NR] admin | Published: December 4, 2019. As you will see on the next pages of this review, with a native ISO range of 100-6400, the Nikon D610 provides pretty clean images throughout the ISO range for both daylight and low-light environments. Twitter. It’s a beautiful performer, invites you to engage in some really creative shooting, and I loved the all metal feel and ergonomics of both lenses. Despite the general awesomeness of this camera, there are a few places where the D610 start to show its age. The D610 is a DSLR, while the A7 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. D5200 January 2013 . The Nikon D610 and D810 DSLR cameras are now officially listed as discontinued at the Nikon Japan website. With all my lenses. I was able to get the results I wanted from these cameras, and they freed me up to work for tougher and more creative shots. Facebook. Nikon D610 review Nikon cleans up its full-frame act with the D600 upgrade By Angela Nicholson 20 November 2017. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Because I loved the X70 so much, and considered jumping into the Fujifilm system entirely, I jumped at the chance and rented the X-T2 and X100F separately over the course of a couple months. I’ve had a blast testing it over the past several months. PW, Oct 18, 2019. I’ve learned to see cameras, rightly or wrongly, as medium-to-long term tools: a creative partner with whom you grow. It’s got insane image quality, wide dynamic range, and exceptional ISO noise performance at a price point that was unthinkable a few years ago. As a result, I don’t have a lot of disposable income to spend on camera gear. We’d heard a few of them ourselves while at the show, along with early rumours of the D850. The concept of “good enough” is not lost on me, and when I really stop, pause, and review the Fujifilm X-T2 and X100F files, they certainly do seem “good enough”. The files were great, but in my eyes, they didn’t provide the high ISO performance and the subjective magic feel of the D610 sensor. I have a trivial gripe, the display inside the viewfinder at the bottom that shows shutter speed, aperture, etc. I bought the Nikon D610 back in April 2015. The responsiveness and performance offered in this camera supersede that of the predecessor. But in those five years I’ve often thought of switching camera systems. The responsiveness and performance offered in this camera supersede that of the predecessor. If you’ve been wanting to get a full-frame dSLR, there are some great mid-priced options that are now getting even cheaper as they age, and the Nikon D610 is a prime example. This native range may also be expanded to 32-51,200. Erschienen: Mai 2019; Details zum Test; 61,5 von 100 Punkten. Each video makes me rethink my camera choices. Nikon D7100 21 February 2013 . As well, some of my favorite lenses have been gifted to me. Twitter. One really irksome shortcoming is that you can’t change the aperture setting while in live view. High ISO noise performance is also extremely good, on par with and sometimes exceeding the Canon 6D (a camera well know to be one of the best dSLRs for ISO noise). I, like so many others, have felt a little lost with Nikon of late. Facebook. To see more of his work, visit his website or follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr. I could adapt all my lenses except the 24mm 2.8 D, which wasn’t too expensive, so not too much of a loss, but the need to adapt my lenses for the foreseeable future isn’t an idea I’m wild about, despite the autofocus gains I would get, along with the ability to autofocus using the flip screen while looking down at the waist, which I’ve really loved doing since getting used to this on the Fuji X70. September 5, 2020. Sony IMX128AQP – this is the sensor that you’ll find in Nikon D750, D600 and D610 (same one on all 3 cameras). The resolving power of the sensor and processor is exceptional, especially when combined with an excellent lens, such as the Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 SP G2 (review coming soon). Email. The D600 is an excellent DSLR, with top-notch photo quality, a well-built body and impressive movie recording capabilities. Last Updated on March 12, 2019. GP-1A GPS top of Nikon D610 Review top of specs page. A rubber tab on the bottom is chronically flapping loose; my fingers push it back into place out of habit. Our Rating . Both cameras are equipped with a full frame sensor. Both the Nikon D610 and Nikon D750 have a magnesium alloy frame that covers the top, bottom and back of the camera.