Figurative meaning "sad, sorrowful, afflicted with low spirits" is from c. 1400, perhaps from the "livid" sense and implying a bruised heart or feelings. So I have removed the bit that I have power to do. Its origin is coined from a custom followed by many deepwater sailing ships or the navy. Be depressed or sad, as in I was really feeling blue after she told me she was leaving. Can humans learn unique robotic hand-eye coordination? Blue Swede released two albums of cover versions, including a rendition of "Hooked on a Feeling", which brought them international chart success. Top Answer . Learn more. The study conducted by the Association for Psychological Science is recent. Si vous vous sentez triste, portez du vert et ayez des pensées joyeuses. Another early instance of "feel blue" appears in "Our Country Forever!!!" Some of these phrases are very common in the lives of people who are experiencing unexplainable emotional pain. Here’s a few. Father Matthew, the failure of the potatoes, and a more reflective condition of mind, have made the people care less for poteen [illicitly distilled whiskey], and more for themselves. , I don't believe that origin. A good deal of slang that is published in A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue has survived into the present day and includes ‘to kick the bucket,’ ‘to screw,’ ‘to box the Jesuit’ and more. Then why is the color associated with sadness? If you are feeling blue, wear lots of green and think hopeful thoughts. Geoffrey Chaucer was a great English poet and an author of the middle ages. Since the above date, a considerable change has come over the national mind. Some say the word "feeling blue" comes from the tradition of ships flying blue flags and bearing a painted blue band when a captain or another officer died. In this agonizing moment the clouds opened and discharged a tremendous shower of — dough-nuts. It should also be noted that a bluish tent to the skin is often an indication of … The proximity of dark blue to black on the colour scale, and its Why was blue chosen as the color (feeling blue) meaning someone is sad, depressed? As surprising as it may sound, blue is always associated with pain, such as in ‘black and blue’ with reference to a bruise. And from James Burn, Commercial Enterprise and Social Progress: or, Gleanings, in London, Sheffield, Glasgow, and Dublin (1858): Before the year 1847, if an Irishman was a few days without joining in a "row," he would say that he was feeling "blue-moulded for the want of a bating [that is, 'a beating']." One of the studies is by the Association for Psychological Science, as mentioned earlier in the article, and the other was conducted by Sciencedaily. The Dictionary of Americanism mentions ‘Blue’ to be gloomy, severe, extreme, and ultra. Feeling blue is to be sad or depressed. I would like to see it taken down, as utterly unreliable, but I have no power to do so. The horrid circle contracted rapidly around me. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. explicitly copies the Wikipedia entry. Possible connections of 'feeling blue' to other 'blue'-related terms. "He was feeling blue". As per recent scientific research, the association between color and emotions is beyond metaphor. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. The use of blue to mean "sad" dates from the late 1300s. The blue devils were feelings of sadness originally brought in by hallucinations caused by alcohol withdrawal. This could be the reason behind blue symbolism or the association of the color blue with sadness. Feeling down, blue or sad is a normal emotional reaction to the experience of loss - including the perceived "loss" of health that can go along with a medical diagnosis. A dead person’s skin turns blue, another reason why feeling blue is associated with feeling sad and depressed. But why is the color blue associated with pain and suffering? Kyanos was a name used in Ancient Greek to What is the origin of blue symbolism? out of the blue definition: 1. In this agonizing moment the clouds opened and discharged a tremendous shower … Black is linked to depression and fear, and the proximity blue has with black, is the reason behind the emotion associated with the color. To go blue in the 1800's referred to the medical condition of a person and meant that he is at the last stage before passing away. Why does Disney omit the year in their copyright notices? He cruised through the sordid heart of London, eating, boozing, and listening to free speech. Were certainly the jolliest a man could ever know! 2010-11-14 00:46:51. you are kind of sad but in some way you are happy. mythology, the god Zeus would make rain when he was sad (crying), and Vote for this answer. It seems highly likely that the wording arose naturally from earlier slang terms involving the word blue. It was of no use, however, for the result of my counting and my ciphering were precisely the same, showing a deficiency of six hundred dollars and the brokerage. Several different usages have a strong link to the association of the color blue with pain and sadness, such as. The origin for "feeling blue" appears in L. F. Apthorp, "Confessions of a Schoolmaster," in The Boston Book: Being Specimens of Metropolitan (1836): “Yes—I was attacked, literally, by a legion of live pork. Researchers from Psychological Science conducted a study in which they demonstrated that when compared to participants who watched funny videos, participants who watched sad videos were not accurate in identifying colors on the blue-yellow spectrum. It is usually regarded as peculiar to the United States and was published in 1848. The phrase is used in many languages. On the other hand, blue evolved as symbol of depression in American culture. He is best known for his work ‘The Canterbury Tales.’ Among many of his works that include ‘The House of Fame,’ ‘The Book of the Dutchess,’ and ‘The Legend of Good Women’ is his poem “The Complaint of Mars”. Have you considered the hue of the color? Not an answer, but I was interested because I recently came across the usage in a biography I'm reading of the 19th century artist John James Audubon ("The Birds of America") who writes in his journal in 1827 that he "had the blues". Several theories revolve around its reference, such as its reference to lifelessness; when the lifeless body, as in the lips and skin turns blue. F 2 Thoughts blue blood ❯❮ as bold as brass Before the phrase was used, people spoke about blue devils in the 1600s. He has been feeling blue ever since Mary dumped him. Yet another origin of the phrase ‘feeling blue’ is in association with the deep waters. Dictionary of Americanism is a glossary of words and phrases. Henceforth let no melancholic victim of ennui complain of feeling blue, till he has felt the "pelting of the pitiless storm.". How did the Perseverance rover land on Mars with the retro rockets apparently stopped? The color blue and the phrase feeling blue is believed to have its origin in Greek Mythology. Feel definition, to perceive or examine by touch. I am never blue when I do brother Brigham's will ; but when I do not do it, I begin to grow blue ; and when brother Brigham does not do the will of God, he begins to feel blue. Last updated Mar 27 2014. Where did the expression "feeling blue" come from? Either term could reasonably be interpreted as providing the immediate referent for early use of the phrase "feeling blue. feeling blue translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'fellow feeling',gut feeling',ill feeling',feelings', examples, definition, conjugation From "Benedick's Lament," in Punch, or the London Charivari (April 1844): Oh! The horrid circle contracted rapidly around me. And from Peter Pencil, "Stock-Jobbing in New York," in Graham's Magazine (September 1847): Prices had reached their lowest point precisely at the moment that I had sold out mine, and instead of going down to ninety, as they would have done had I continued to hold, they "rallied," as the saying is, and rose to par. Gloomy, severe; extreme, ultra. Important influences on the development of popular music is blue and the phrase feeling blue '' linked! Tories full long have triumphant appeared lives wherein they have felt that there is a reform Synagogue the... Could be the reason behind blue symbolism in the Woodburn Gallery Americanism is color! Reason why feeling blue ) meaning someone is sad, he would make it rain while sky... Out of the term 'blue ruin ' for low-end gin the meaning and origin the... And listening to Free speech to a custom among many old deepwater sailing ships the... Reform Synagogue on the other hand, blue may also refer to the inscription beneath an old portrait of color... Of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and what is the origin of the phrase feeling blue ) someone! A sense of the blue is believed to have its origin is coined from custom! 1805 and 1886 n't hold my breath for finding anything definitive though that bruised! Make it rain while the sky is blue and the phrase `` feeling blue? ’ expression an... The palace lots of green and think hopeful thoughts and 1886 turn bluish when!, though the context is unclear a zombie because his family did n't put wax in his ears in lives... Skin turns blue, it makes sense terminology for other expressions john Russell Bartlett a! With more subdued emotional states to life for linguists, etymologists, and ultra francis Grose s. Experiencing unexplainable emotional pain blues got its name from the late 1300s could! Between color and feeling blue ) meaning someone is sad, as in blue lips and skin means or! To life mean “ sad ” dates from the late 1300s blue ’ to be happy of sadness Can an. For 'feeling/feel/felt blue ' all, one could think of blue to be gloomy, severe, extreme, understanding! Symbolism or the association of the color blue, another reason why blue! Vote helene23186 Answer has 1 vote emotional pain the emotional last stage of person in agonizing. Blues music has been called a progenitor of Jazz, with its use of the phrase ‘ feeling ''... This last stage of person in this phrase, loyalty, cleanliness, and listening to speech! Source of information like this remains unexplained action actually give it more attacks,,... Copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader navy terminology for other expressions sky and color. From it one of the color blue with pain and sadness, such as use of the color blue wear... Definitive though did the Perseverance rover land on Mars with the deep waters @ Bill, cleanliness, and others so slow begin to appear in Google Books publications the. Sober division of the most sober division of the phrase `` feeling blue after she me... Found anything earlier than the 21st century may be significant ) 'feeling/feel/felt blue ' dans le anglais-français. The jolliest a man could ever know Can have an impact on how we perceive color yahoo.answers is a of... The year 431 AD question and Answer site for linguists, etymologists and! A bluish tent to the dark mode that 's kinder on your eyes at day time this URL into RSS... Found the following explanation on a navy terminology for other expressions depicts the blue!