Project management professional (PMP) 35 hours of contact training and 4500 to 7500 hours of project management experience. Projects can benefit by using both Agile vs Prince2, the predictive approach of Prince2 and the adaptive approach of agile.  My objection to it is that all the risk is with the customer – Agile people just work until they finish (time and cost unknown at the start) or until the time/money runs out (deliverables unknown at the start), and in my opinion that’s not project planning or project management, it’s “making it up as you go along”! OPM3® Professional Certification. When was it published? In case you’re familiar with the differences between PRINCE2 and the PMBOK ® Guide, AgilePM is more similar to PRINCE2, while PRINCE2 Agile is more similar to the PMBOK Guide. Because of this, studying PRINCE2 Agile requires an existing awareness of PRINCE2 project management, and is not necessarily as welcoming to newcomers as AgilePM. PRINCE2 Agile® candidates will remain registered for three calendar years. For more information, visit our Project Management courses. Professional Development Units (PDUs) are one-hour blocks that you spend learning, teaching, or volunteering. If you're interested in comparing PMBOK vs PRINCE2 vs Agile and you're wondering about the pros and cons there are several answers. Produced by Kandy Shaw | 03 May 2017 . This way an agile framework is made manageable by a project management method. Each of these has it distinct differences. Planning. Though PRINCE2 has Practitioner level as well for the scope of this article, comparison is only considering its Foundation level into consideration CAPM & PMP certifications are offered by same body i.e. All three has its own uniqueness and focus with which one can take it up. By ILX Team | 7 October 2019. Certification Validity & Renewal – CAPM Vs PMP Vs PRINCE2. Scrum) is a project environment. By using both these all projects can deliver products to the customer with all risks calculated … In my opinion PMP and PRINCE2 are complementary. The former is a methodology for managing a project, whereas the latter is a way of carrying out the work on a project. PRINCE2 is a project management methodology & practitioner certification program while Waterfall & Agile are development approaches, each with different themes, principles, and processes. The reason for this is that the more understanding and confidence you have of PRINCE2® elements, the easier you will find it to apply agile concepts to the PRINCE2 ® methodology. While the two differ in their approaches and terminology regarding project management, both certifications are based on their own body of knowledge (PMBOK for PMP and “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2” for PRINCE2), as well as proven best practices. Read on to make the right choice! PMP is a standard, PRINCE2 is a methodology and Scrum/Agile is a framework. Project management guide on PRINCE2 structure Principles. Which one better matches my career? Learn how your comment data is processed. PRINCE2 Agile ® is the world’s most complete agile project management solution, combining the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the governance of PRINCE2 ®.. They are both recognised as the mark of a skilled, capable project manager.. Because of this, many of our clients have difficulty deciding which qualification to work towards when they first get in touch with us.. It’s always a difficult choice to choose among a set of certifications and get clear picture or guidance on which one will suit well. As the PMP exam is for seasoned (experienced) project managers, this thoroughly tests the application of PMBOK concepts on the real scenarios. Zoom training – worst of both or best of both. This pattern will continue in the near future and will lead to a growing need for professional, experienced project managers. Find out here if … AgilePM® vs PRINCE2 Agile®: which one’s for you? ), Tells the PM everything they need to do in the process of planning and implementing a project, Allows you to forecast finish time and cost at any point during your project. PRINCE2 ® and Project Management Professional (PMP) ® qualifications are known and sought-after around the world. When comparing PRINCE2 vs. PMI are there definite differences? CAPM certificate once obtained is valid for 5 years. I'm an Infosec pro and as the team lead I'm the de facto PM for all security-related IT projects. PRINCE2 is running out of steam, having been around since 1985. And then there’s good old APM – The Association of Project Managers, known as PMI in America, and their qualification called PMP – Project Management Professional.