For more details view the Explore Seoul interactive Subway map centered on this station. I don’t know if I will actually do it during my time here, but I do like hopping off the subway and exploring. Vehicles exceeding 2.3 meters in height may not enter the parking lot to prevent damage of government office building facilities. Sinchon We opted to drink local and keep our local prices. Trains run at three to … This is "seoul green line" by Justin Ouellette on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. So many cool things. Courtesy of Coming Soon: Subway Stations. Hongdae is our goto area when staying in Seoul and there’s almost no way to avoid that line upon entering. The park was large and crowded as could be expected on such a beautiful fall day. We’re already behind! You can also pick up a small subway map at most stations in Seoul. Download the free Seoul subway app which is constantly being updated and times your trip. I’m sad that I can never do something like this, or even check out the cool places you post photos of. 3 Orange Line No. Tickets cost ₩1,200 - ₩1,350 and the journey takes 2 min. Take exit #7 and use the … The most interesting thing to see at the new Seoul City Hall is the Green Wall, which has been declared the tallest indoor vertical garden in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. I love flea markets and will be trying to find that one once we go back. The pool was already closed for the season, so we didn’t have a chance to check that out. Hongik University After we finished our beers and cleaned out our popcorn bowls, we decided it was time to call it a day. Posted by 7 years ago. The subway operation hours are from 5:30 to approximately 24:00. Seoul Subway Line 2 (Korean: 서울 지하철 2호선), also known as the Circle Line, is a circular line of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. The Metro and bus systems are inexpensive and fairly easy to figure out. Seoul’s Green Line goes above and below the ground. Here's the quick answer if you have a private jet and you can fly in the fastest possible straight line. Line 8 or Pink Line. Government cars bearing the civil servant logo. 8. We are in Seoul now and find Google maps to be a little fragmented. Here’s a map of the Seoul Subway, it looks intense, but is pretty easy after the first day. Map of the Green Line. The full Green Line alignment is 46 kilometres and runs from 160 Avenue N. to Seton in the southeast. Have you found any hidden gems on Line 2? I like the idea of exploring the city by subway line. This blog has done a great job of outlining stuff to see at each subway station too, not just the big spots, but every stop. Definitely one of my fave hikes so far! I have only been to Seoul once and will be making more trips there soon. PDF View (62 MB) 2019 Medical Tourism Guidebook. This amalgamation is also evident on station and in-train mappage where the Incheon Subway is merely represented as Lines ‘I’ on the complex Seoul-wide map. Dongdaemun History & Culture Park is a station on Line 2, Line 4 and Line 5 of the Seoul Subway. Sindorim By Hotel Limousine: Each way KRW 190,000 Gimpo Airport (GMP) 40 km (25 miles) By Taxi: A 50-minute journey. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Line 1 – The blue line was opened to the public in 1974 and the line starts service from Soyosan and end at Seodongtan. Seoul Subway Map Directory (Need your help!) I keep reading different posts from people about the Seoul Subway Project! There is also a cultural center inside the weird tube building, but at this point we had been walking or standing for hours. It’s basically honeydew flavored ice cream on a stick. We will reduce operation hours of Seoul metro line one to eight in order to prevent the community transmission of the Covid-19 infection. Common Ground. The green line runs in a loop around the city, never leaving Seoul proper, and terminates in two “tails” at Kkachisan (까치산역) (our home stop) and Sinseol-dong (신설동역) out east. Almost everyone who has been in Seoul for a week has been to the famous Hongik University (홍대역) area or maybe been to Ehwa University (이대역) to do some cheap shopping. Kwangwoon University station is a train station on Seoul Subway Line 1, Gyeongchun Line and Gyeongwon Line in Seoul, South Korea operated by Korail. Tickets cost ₩1,250 - ₩1,350 and the journey takes 5 min. The line running clockwise is called the "inner circle line" and the counter-clockwise line is called the "outer circle line". But the project is tough because we have to do a line a week or we will never finish on time! I love that your project is covering this still. Alternatively, Seoul Green Circulating Bus operates a bus from Seoul Station Transfer Center to Gyeongbokgung every 20 minutes. Get your official tour guidebooks & maps for free including information on restaurants, accommdations, directions, etc. Secures rapidity and punctuality. This map was created by a user. Close. Not things I would necessarily buy, but many fun things to look at. Seoul Subway App. The line running clockwise is called the "inner circle line" and the counter-clockwise line is called the "outer circle line". ): the red color stands for bike paths which are separated from cars and pedestrians, the green line are routes where the pedestrian and cyclists share the space with each other. Telephone Help: You can also call either 120 (Seoul City's Dasan 120 help line) or 02-1330 (1330 from a landline in Seoul - this the Korea Tourism helpline) for information on how to reach a specific destination. Inside an incredibly crowded sardine-style train we counted down the stops until we could finally move again. Just a minute or two down from where we were sitting we found this: They have chicken and coffee take out, as well as a fancy restaurant inside, and a few plastic tables where you can buy beers and drink them on the lower deck. The main line on the Seoul Subway is line 2. Line No.7 Cheongdam Station Use the passage directly connected from exit 5 or 6 to Coex mall through the Millennium Plaza. Line 2 is another line we have already spent a LOT of time on. Seoul National University colombia, panama, nicaragua, mexico, the d.r. There are maps here for free in English at both the airport and tourist kiosks throughout the city. Euljiro 1(il)-ga. Euljiro 3(sam)-ga Line 3. These buses are for commuters leaving the city. ; 5 Purple Line No. 5) Fares Fares vary depending on the kind of bus you are taking. Hi, I have a map to share of Seoul with major attractions shown which I created with google map and also a list of attractions in Seoul with direction by buses or subway. From Line No.2 Euljiro 1Ga Station Euljiro 1-Ga Station (Exit 3) - Walk Straight - Cross the Cheonggyecheon - Turn Right and walk - Starbucks and Ministop, a convenient store - GKLS, 6F of Ministop building 3. This is "seoul green line" by Justin Ouellette on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. And yes, the subway is far less confusing than the map makes it out to be! Subway. Cars of Congressman, city counselors, district counselors. Since we weren’t in the market for any antique toys or golden elephants, we headed back to the subway and made our way to the Konkuk University stop (건대입구). Hong Kong, China. Much to my delight, it turns out there is an enormous flea market just about 150 meters from the subway. Line 1 – The blue line was opened to the public in 1974 and the line starts service from Soyosan and end at Seodongtan. Introduction Seoul Station is the gateway to Seoul, the capital city of Korea. Thank you. Seoul Metropolitan Area subway system covers an expansive area, including Line 1 to 9 with additional lines, such as Sinbundang Line, Gyeongchun Line, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Ever Line, Uisinseol Line, and more, branching throughout the metropolitan area. I just posted about Gwanaksan last week. 2 versions of map. Hours of Operation: Weekdays from 8:30 to 21:00, weekends from 9:00 to 21:00 (from 05:00 to 23:00 for employees; entrance and exits are closed during all other times for security purposes), Parking Fee : KRW 1,000 per 10 min (weekdays 09:00-18:00), Victims of long-term exposure to defoliants, Holders of the 「Dadungi Happiness Card」with more than three children, Holders of the「Dadungi Happiness Card」with two children. As a Line App user a quick visit to this store was a Must go. Line 7 was built between the years 1990 and 1996, and it was fully finished on August, 2000. Separated by antiques, housewares, clothing, shoes, even the occasional snack stall in case you get peckish while shopping. Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Line 4 Line 5. Seoul public transportation is a great way to get around the city. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In the fall, the colors are spectacular and the hermitage perched precariously on the cliff of the summit is just too cool! Our service will end an hour earlier at night as follows: Service reduction starts from April 1, 2020 If you need a Halloween costume and like to make your own, now’s a great time to go. It was a great day! Sadang The total length of the line is nearly 200 km serving 114 stations. Seoul Subway Map Directory (Need your help!) Take green bus no. One of our best sellers in Seoul! PDF View (203 MB) Seoul Travel Itineraries 100. Daerim. Seoul Subway Metro Map in English. Instead we just sat in the grass and chatted while enjoying the highest caliber of people watching and an icy cold beer. Updated as of 2014 Line 7 or Olive Green Line. Amazing. The Line 2 loop is the second longest subway loop in the world after Beijing Subway Line 10. They have discount tickets to most of the attraction and also you can find a private local person to bring your around. Line 2 is another line we have already spent a LOT of time on. Each subway line has a designated color to aid passengers in using the subway with ease. 3 Days in Seoul Itinerary Map. Currently, this line’s route goes beyond Onsu on western Seoul. Euljiro 3-ga Today our plan was to find an Office Depot supposedly near Sinchon Station (신촌역), then head up to Sinseol-dong before meeting our friend at Ttukseom Resort Hangang Park (한강시민공원 뚝섬지구). Alighting at Sinseol-dong we had plans just to walk around with no idea what we might find. Updated as of 2014 MBTA Green Line B Subway stations and schedules, including maps, real-time updates, parking and accessibility information, and connections. The service has a complex system of ownership and operation. Report inappropriate content . … South Korea Offline Map free download - Offline Explorer, South Park: Hell's Balls, South Park 3D Spectacular Screensaver, and many more programs ... Seoul Tourist Map for Muslims. Subway. We rode Line 2 on the southern half back to Sindorim and transferred back on to our little Kkachisan tail. Blue Line : Connects regions in suburbs, downtown areas, sub-centers. You can view a wealth of information about the city, including the main policies, history, culture, tourism, metropolitan experience, medical welfare, transportation, etc., along with an overall introduction to the city such as Seoul-related videos, photos, and map. First scene: Train bound for Amsa (8-09) near from Sanseong station. The cafe Meerkat Friends is located in the Hongdae area of Seoul where for 10,000 Won ($10 USD) you can spend 15 minutes playing with Meerkats. Flight time: 13 hours, 15 minutes Our favorite thing on Line 2 is Gwanaksan! The Seoul Subway (Metro) System is efficient, clean, safe and very easy to use. Best of all they feel very safe. I am used to send Brown and Cony stickers on a daily basis, so I thought it will be great to go to the store (actually it's one of many in Seoul but apparently the biggest). The rumors were true – there really is a cafe in Seoul where you can cuddle a meerkat! Do note, however, that it can be very crowded at peak times . You may also see red buses traveling around Seoul. Euljiro 4(sa)-ga Line 5. Wangsimni Looks like a great place to find some zany stocking stuffers and way less touristy than the Insadong area. You can find the Green Wall as soon as you enter the new City Hall Building, glass entrance. It is marked in olive green on the Seoul Metro’s maps. When using the subway to visit Seoul National University, make sure to take Subway Line #2 (Green Line) and stop either at Seoul National University Entrance Station, Nakseongdae Station, or Shillim Station. It offers service to 51 stations. This sounds like a great way to see the city without worrying about where to park your car. This is Seoul's most heavily used line, and consists of the main loop (47.7 km), the Seongsu Branch (5.4 km) and the Sinjeong Branch (6.0 km) for a total line length of 60.2 km. Seoul Forest is rapidly developing into the premium city-park of Korea like Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York. Lotte World is right outside subway exit 4 and the Lotte World Tower is outside exit 1. Walking around Sinchon is great as it’s a university area and the variety of cheap food and cafes is much better than in our own neighborhood. COEX Aquarium is situated 1¼ km northeast of Gwanghyebyeongwon. Beginning to tire, we stopped at a GS for some beers, snacks, and soju and headed straight to the park for a much needed sit. Actually, my friend and I will present, I've never once seen anyone get fined for smoking on gangnam street, and I live, At my first stay in Seoul during the mid nineties I was astonished how easy the, Dear team , as a member of the SMG Website Monitoring Team for the first half o, (Blue Line) 103, 150, 401, 402, 406, N16 (late-night), (Blue Line) 172, 405, 472, N62 (late-night), Urban Regeneration Office, Regeneration Policy Planning Division, Regeneration Policy Division, Public Regeneration Division, Urban Revitalization Division, Historic City Center Regeneration Division, Residential Environment Improvement Division, Hanok Heritage Preservation Division, Residential Redevelopment Division, Safety Management Office, Safety Management Division, Safety Management Division, Contingency Response Division, Facility Safety Division, Road Planning Division, Gwanghwamun Square Bureau, Gwanghwamun Square Project Division, Local Community Division, Women & Family Policy Affairs Office, Women's Policy Division, Childcare Division, Multiculturalism Division, Family Division, After School Support Division, Women's Rights Division, Public Development Planning Bureau, Multipurpose Hall, Sky Plaza, Shared Meeting Room, International Partnership Division, Global Urban Partnership Division, International Relations Division, Visiting Community Service Center Bureau, Animal Protection Division, Sky Plaza, Multipurpose Hall, Meeting Rooms 1 & 2, Shared Meeting Room, Administrative Services, Attorney for Legal Consultation, National Assembly Partnership Division, General Affairs Division, Human Resource Division, Local Autonomy Administration Division, Human Resource Development Division, Information Disclosure Policy Division, Mayor’s Bureau, Mayor’s Advisory Bureau, Organization Division, Video Conference Room, Planning & Situation Room, Planning and Administration Office, Policy Planning Bureau, City Planning Division, Evaluation and Collaboration Division, External Cooperation Division, Fiscal Balance & Development Division, Judicial Affairs Division, Fiscal Planning Division, Budget Division, Food Policy Division, Managing Architect, Urban Space Improvement Bureau, Public Enterprise Division, Welfare Policy Office, Welfare Planning Division, Welfare Policy Division, Local Welfare & Care Division, Senior Citizen Support Division, Self-reliance Support Division, Citizens' Health Bureau, Medical and Health Policy Division, Public Health Division, Health Management Division, Integrated Sound Room, Shared Meeting Room, Seoul Democratic Committee, Seoul Democratic Division, Citizen Deliberative Budget Division, Seoul Governance Division, Local Community Division, Post-Retirement Support Division, Construction Innovation Division, Road Management Division, Small and Large Conference Rooms, Shared Meeting Room, Spokesman’s Office, Public Relations Division, Public Communications Bureau, Public Communications Division, New Media Division, Human Rights Division, City Branding Division, Press Space, Hall (Citizens’ Space), Shared Meeting Room, Disability Policy Division, Independent Living Support Division, Civil Service Division (Open Citizens’ Space), Document Archive, Seoul Citizens’ Hall, Relic Exhibition Hall, Bank, Seoul Citizens’ Hall, Cafeteria, Weight Room, Communication Operations Office, Taepyeong Hall, Seoul Healing Center, Central Control Room, Main Library, Chungmu Situation Room, Emergency Situation Room, Accessible from : City Hall Station, Exit 5.