I heard about some problems with the tunnel under the Huangpu. Currently, the garden city has three Metro lines — Line 1, 2 and 4 — in operation, while two new lines, Line 3 and 5 are under construction, according to Suzhou’s Metro … 58 New Metro … Yes, you got to go out of the metro station, but don’t worry, it’s very close and there are some signs leading you there. To determine the direction of travel, the line that travels counter-clockwise is called the Outer Loop (外环), while the other line is known as the Inner Loop (内环). View detailed information and reviews for Shanghai Metro Line 2 in , and get driving directions with road conditions and live traffic updates along the way. Some of the stops of Line 2, also known as Green line are: Haitiansan Road, Yuandong Avenue, Lingkong Road, Chuansha, East Huaxia Road, East Chuangxin Road Tang Town. In the longer term, Suzhou plans to build 15 Metro lines totaling 768 kilometers. It was the first line for the Shanghai Metro system. In addition to Line S1, lines 6, 7 and 8 of Suzhou’s Rail Transit have also been approved. “To help cope with passenger handling, platform safety doors were built for Line 4 onwards and a programme for retro-fitting older lines is in place.” Making any sense of it, let alone finding your destination can be a real pickle diddle. Pros: Can choose to ride either line 3 or 4 in the northern section of the line and goes to the main train station. Shanghai Subway Line 4, the only ring line in the city’s subway network, passes Shanghai Stadium, Century Avenue, Shanghai Railway station. For more details on the surroundings and bus routes near these nine subway stations, please refer to Shanghai Subway Line 3. Compared with most metro systems in the world, the Shanghai metro is very cheap, very clean, and rarely suffers from delays. It was the third system of this kind to be inaugurated on the People’s Republic of China. Most tracks in the Shanghai Metro system are served by a single service; thus "Line X" usually refers both to the physical line and its service. To determine the direction of travel, the line that travels counter-clockwise is called the Outer Loop (外环), while the other line is known as the Inner Loop (内环). Sanmen Road. The Shanghai Metro has 364 stations distributed throughout its 14 lines. Early work on Line 14 moves toward completion. System: The Shanghai metro is among the most rapidly expanding in the world.After the first line opened only in 1995 as a north-south axis from the Central Station to the southern suburbs, by the end of 2015, the Shanghai Metro system had reached a total length of 531.5 km (excluding the 29 km Maglev line and the 56.4 km Jinshan Line)! By Metro Line #4, people can transfer to many metro lines in Shanghai. kindly tell how to reach Changyang Road Metro station from Pu Dong Imternational Airport, and also to reach Shanghai New International Expo Centre from Changyang Road. Work on the rails, power supply systems, routine equipment, computer controls and station furnishings is underway, Shanghai Metro said. Shanghai Metro Map. which is the closest metro station to the Shanghai Expo especially line 4. No terminals; ring line, Yishan Road serves as terminal for trains returning to depot: Stations: 26: Daily ridership: 940,000 (2015 Peak) Operation; Opened: December 31, 2005: Operator(s) Shanghai No.3 Metro Operation Co. Ltd. To help you figure it all out we've prepared this guide. Shanghai Metro operates 16 rail transit … Metro card credit can be paid for by Alipay, WeChat, or cash. Shanghai Metro Line #4, #6, #8, #9 Opens Posted on December 30, 2007 by Jian Shuo Wang Dec 29 is a big day for Shanghai Metro. Line 4 (Shanghai Metro) List of express and multi-borough bus routes in New York City; List of New York City Subway lines It goes around the city outside the Elevated Highway Inner Ring, and is the only circle Metro Line in Shanghai. You can arrive at the main airports, railway stations, bus terminals, top popular attractions, etc., which will make your Shanghai visit very happy and time-saving. Three new lines opened in December 2007: Line 6, Line 8 and Line 9, as well as the extension of Line 1.