When Is the Best Time to Go Crappie Fishing? The Perfect Crappie Jig - fishing jig for crappie fishing The PERFECT Crappie Jig is a crappie lure like the crappie fishermen have never seen before. I really don't know why, but I like its results!!" Art generally uses a single 1/16-ounce jig, and shaves it down to about 1/24th of an ounce. How Much Wind Is Too Much For Boating? I hope that this article on the best color jig for winter crappie helped you out! Register and I will offer you a free Crappie.com decal (plus a lot less ads too). For example: the LS360 jig head designed and manufactured by probuilt jigs. They are still fairly possible to catch, but require different methods due to change of temperature. This small crankbait is the perfect size for crappie who love its tight wiggling movement. Best Baits For Successful Catches! The head is also painted with a … $10.90 $ 10. Important Reasons to Learn, When Do Crappie Spawn In Arkansas? Mix and match the colors. On the other hand, during the colder months, when the metabolism of the crappie is slower, and they move slower, using a lighter crappie jig head is best, as it will not sink or move as quickly. Besides taking the light and color based on water depth, you should factor in the weather and conditions above ice! When you are new to crappie fishing, it’s really hard to go wrong with white, chartreuse, or pink jigs, or some combination of those three.  But, I also like to throw in some black, blue, or orange as a contrasting color in stained water. It simply catches crappie. This ever changing nature of color preference is a good reason to use a multicolored jig.  That way, if one color stops attracting, maybe the other one will draw interest. Whites, grays, browns, and yes, even chartreuse. These baits have been so effective catching crappie that most crappie anglers never let their tackle box run out. Choose Options. Hopefully this article will help guide you, as you purchase your first rounds of crappie jigs. use promo code---jiglife2021---and save!! Click Here for AD-Free Premium … It will wholly depend on uncontrollable factors. My goal is to speed that process up for you. The first time a person spots a fishing boat rigged out and easing along a lake with a full array of 6 or 8 poles jutting out from the bow, it’s sure to make them shake their head. And since crappies are sight feeders, you’ll want certain colors of a jig. 6. OUR two NEW HOT … This requires a good smooth panfish setup to be more comfortable throughout the day with less line twist and just overall functionality. Those of you who got into the subject crappie jig should know that there is now a HIGH VIZ version. This is a great assortment of … No matter what the conditions or water clarity are, it’s hard to beat a chartreuse crappie jig.  That’s always a good color to start with, as it sort of becomes more of a fish-looking white color underwater. The only way to grasp what I’m saying is to go out and try it and perfect … Fishing Lure Color Selection … Winter is the perfect time to day dream about swinging summertime crappie in the boat! Check price on Amazon. My parting advice would be to start with chartreuse, white, and pink.  Then, you can branch out from there. How to Choose a Kayak for Fishing and Entertainment? Simply put, opaque colors are better in stained and muddy waters.  They help jigs to contrast well under water so that crappie can see them from a distance. For stained waters with low light or with heavy algae bottoms, go for deep water level colors. By: Matt Foster Every crappie fisherman has their preference of crappie jigs. Pin By Niki Jasinski On Fishing Crappie Fishing Walleye . If you fish at night or dark, cloudy days, there is little to no light getting through. Even if I don’t go all in with a solid chartreuse jig, I’ll often have it somewhere in my setup.  White/Chart, pink/chart, black/chart, red/chart and blue/chart are all really good combos.  Certainly on a new body of water, I’m always going to give chartreuse a try. Chartreuse is a perfect example of a crazy looking color that works well.  Ever wonder why chartreuse is such a popular lure color?  It’s partly because it has the yellow tint common to certain sunfish, but also because the “brightness” helps the lure stand out while still appearing natural.  The crazy yellow color fades to a more muted fish-like color underwater. Every new day ice fishing for crappie with jigs can be a challenge, but to me, that’s the fun of it. Usually, shallow waters will have more light, so the deeper you fish, the less light will be available. Because jigs for crappie are so simple, sometimes it is better and more cost effective to make your own lures in this category. Because of this, you need to adjust the depth range a little bit, depending on the snow’s factors. The most unique feature about the Eye Hole Jig is the hollow eye space which is the perfect size to hold a crappie niblet scent attractant. The PERFECT Crappie Jig is a crappie lure like the crappie fishermen have never seen before. After crappie fishing for 20+ years, I still remember how tough it was to choose jig colors in the beginning. That can absolutely trigger a bite when dock shooting the same way it can when you are jigging in … 2. The Perfect Crappie Jig Fishing Jig For Crappie Fishing . They’ve created a patent-pending mold that produces a … The jig shows up clearly on sonar and fish finder systems ensuring you know precisely that your jig is close to crappie. In this video, Sealock walks through the materials he likes to tie simple but fish catching hair jigs for crappie. Some anglers like to use hair jigs and some like to use plastics. Now that we have identified some good crappie colors, you might wonder why in the world would pink, chartreuse and other such unnatural colors fool a crappie.  Without delving too deep, the simple answer is that jig colors appear differently underwater than how you see them on the shelf.  This is particularly true in stained or deeper water. But the most noticeable color is blue, so you can try blue jigs with contrasting heads of green or yellow. the best crappie fishermen in the country. To order the 'PERFECT' Jig, follow the instructions below. and 1/8th oz. $35.99 $ 35. It is available in four sizes: 3/8oz., 1/2oz., 3/4oz. Below, in no particular order, is my list of the. Caught many fish on these jig heads now. QUITE SIMPLY, THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Branching away from my top 3, other good colors for crappie are pink, yellow, green, black, red and blue.   The number of possible crappie jig color combinations can make your head spin. Pink is another color I often mix in with other proven colors.  Black/pink, chartreuse/pink, blue/pink and pink/white are all good colors. What if you go even deeper and beyond 15 feet? But in stained waters such as coffee colors or tannic acid that still have bright-light conditions, go for contrasting lures and mid-level colored lures. After all, you don’t usually see things that come in just one color, but in contrasting colors, like the baitfish! 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With that said, you should also know that many of the strangely colored jigs you see in stores are actually going to appear as some shade of gray or silver when viewed underwater.  This is even more true in dirty and stained water.  If you don’t believe me, fill up a large glass jar with dirty lake water, and drop some flashy colored lures in to see for yourself. Our wire keepers guarantee your plastics stay secure catch after catch. Any serious crappie angler should have these in their tackle box. 3.2 out of 5 stars 3. I presume these are just fine on lakes that don’t hold large crappie.